Browse the winners and honorees of Interior Design’s 12th annual Best of Year Awards. Project and product winners were announced in New York City at Frank Gehry’s IAC Building on December 1 in a ceremony hosted by editor in chief Cindy Allen. Winners, selected from nearly 2,300 submissions, were named in 113 categories. Read the full event recap here.

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Best of Year Awards
  • Installation

    • One Bucket at a Time
      Photography: Jaime Navarro
      WinnerOne Bucket at a Time
    • Conversation Plinth: Indiana Hardwood CLT project
      Photography: Hadley Fruits, IKD
      HonoreeConversation Plinth: Indiana Hardwood CLT project
    • Photography: SCAD Photography
      Honoree“Infinity Lines” by Chiharu Shiota
    • Mondrian in New York
      Photography: Mike Bink Photography
      HonoreeMondrian in New York
    • The Connective Project
      Photography: Evan Joseph and Amanda Gentile
      HonoreeThe Connective Project
  • Exhibition

    • Photography: Courtesy of Savannah College of Art and Design
      Winner“Chroma” by Carlos Cruz-Diez
    • Manual of Section Exhibition
      Photography: Philip Arnold, Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects
      HonoreeManual of Section Exhibition
    • ReDrawn
      Photography: Antonio Follo
    • Delta 747-400 Museum
      Photography: Gregg Willett
      HonoreeDelta 747-400 Museum
  • Tradeshow Booth

    • Pone Nest Aspiration
      Photography: Golden Ho
      WinnerPone Nest Aspiration
    • Arper Booth at Salone del Mobile 2017
      Photography: Jose Hevia
      HonoreeArper Booth at Salone del Mobile 2017
    • CITY
      Photography: Huang Zaohui
    • Folio
      Photography: Hjalti Karlsson
    • The Exposed Cut, stand design for Kvadrat
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      HonoreeThe Exposed Cut, stand design for Kvadrat
  • Beauty/Spa

    • Le spa des saules
      Photography: Jouin Manku © Nicolas Mathéus
      WinnerLe spa des saules
    • Knot Springs
      Photography: Stephen Miller, Brian Walker Lee and Maria Lamb
      HonoreeKnot Springs
    • Lily Nails Salon (Fulllink Store)
      Photography: Jin Weiqi
      HonoreeLily Nails Salon (Fulllink Store)
    • Sherber + Rad
      Photography: Paul Warchol
      HonoreeSherber + Rad
    • Tzapos - The Flying Hairdressers
      Photography: Andreas Hoernisch
      HonoreeTzapos – The Flying Hairdressers
  • Fitness

    • Physical
      Photography: PANORAMA
    • Equinox Dumbo
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeEquinox Dumbo
    • Seven Oaks Farm Arena
      Photography: Rainer Viertlboeck
      HonoreeSeven Oaks Farm Arena
  • Branding & Graphics: Environmental

    • Xinu
      Photography: Jaime Navarro Soto
    • Gulfstream II G650 Exterior Graphics
      Photography: Gulfstream – N/A
      HonoreeGulfstream II G650 Exterior Graphics
    • Marshall's Landing Branding
      Photography: Charles De Vaivre
      HonoreeMarshall’s Landing Branding
    • Smile Direct Club Flagship
      Photography: Tom Sibley
      HonoreeSmile Direct Club Flagship
    • Turner Market Graphics
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeTurner Market Graphics
  • Branding & Graphics: Collateral

    • Botanist Restaurant
      Photography: Ian Lanterman
      WinnerBotanist Restaurant
    • Photography: Amy Young
      Honoree“Twelve True Tales of Workplace Design”, the Book
    • H+ Magazine
      Photography: Hacin + Associates
      HonoreeH+ Magazine
    • Proxi
      Photography: Minh Anh Vo
  • Budget

    • Together Hostel
      Photography: Zhang Zheming
      WinnerTogether Hostel
    • ALL SH
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonjhufvud, Dirk Weiblen
      HonoreeALL SH
    • Prototype | A True Starter Home
      Photography: Michael B. Lehrer, FAIA; Nerin Kadribegovic AIA; Benjamin Lehrer
      HonoreePrototype | A True Starter Home
    • Waldo Duplex
      Photography: Mike Sinclair
      HonoreeWaldo Duplex
  • Education: Higher Learning

    • The Daniels Building
      Photography: John Horner, Nic Lehoux
      WinnerThe Daniels Building
    • Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab
      Photography: Robert Benson Photography
      HonoreePagliuca Harvard Life Lab
    • Push/Pull
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
    • Walsh College
      Photography: Justin Maconochie
      HonoreeWalsh College
    • Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building & Louis A. Simpson International Building, Princeton University
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeJulis Romo Rabinowitz Building & Louis A. Simpson International Building, Princeton University
  • Education: Primary and High Schools: Large

    • Nanyang Girls' High School
      Photography: Edward Hendricks
      WinnerNanyang Girls’ High School
    • American International School of Guangzhou Design Project
      Photography: CHENWEIZHONG
      HonoreeAmerican International School of Guangzhou Design Project
    • Guerin Family STEM Institute and MIT Fab Lab
      Photography: Michael B. Lehrer, FAIA
      HonoreeGuerin Family STEM Institute and MIT Fab Lab
    • Reeds Spring Middle School
      Photography: Gayle Babcock
      HonoreeReeds Spring Middle School
  • Education: Primary and High Schools: Small

    • NUBO
      Photography: Ms. Michelle Young ; Ms. Amy Piddington
    • PlayPlus
      Photography: Ng Siu Fung
    • Poly WeDo Art Education (Damei Branch)
      Photography: Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi
      HonoreePoly WeDo Art Education (Damei Branch)
    • The Third Space Zhuoyu Pavilion, Hewai Elementary School, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, China
      Photography: Zhang Qilin
      HonoreeThe Third Space Zhuoyu Pavilion, Hewai Elementary School, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, China
  • Green

    • Sand
      Photography: Terje Arntsen
    • Hullmark Head Office
      Photography: Ben Rahn, A-Frame Inc.
      HonoreeHullmark Head Office
    • Kresge Foundation
      Photography: Justin Maconochie
      HonoreeKresge Foundation
    • Folly Point
      Photography: Peter Vanderwarker, Millicent Harvey
      HonoreeFolly Point
  • Counter Service

    • Gelatoscopio
      Photography: Jaime Navarro and Edward Way
    • Mean Noodles
      Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot
      HonoreeMean Noodles
    • Little Ground Cafe
      Photography: Chris Warren
      HonoreeLittle Ground Cafe
    • Markthalle
      Photography: Tobias Colz
  • Government/Institutional

    • Bund Finance Centre Art and Culture Centre
      Photography: Laurian Ghinitoiu
      WinnerBund Finance Centre Art and Culture Centre
    • Suzhou Chapel
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerSuzhou Chapel
    • Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)
      Photography: W Workspace
      HonoreeThailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)
  • Bar/Lounge

    • Anti-Domino No. 02 – Wood Mountain
      Photography: Qingshan Woo
      WinnerAnti-Domino No. 02 – Wood Mountain
    • Bikini
      Photography: Sean Fennessy
    • Casa Dragones Tasting Room
      Photography: Oscar Hernandez
      HonoreeCasa Dragones Tasting Room
    • Looney Bean
      HonoreeLooney Bean
    • Marshall's Landing
      Photography: Charles de Vaivre
      HonoreeMarshall’s Landing
    • TWA Lounge at 1WTC
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeTWA Lounge at 1WTC
  • Library

    • Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)
      Photography: W Workspace
      WinnerThailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)
    • Albion District Library
      Photography: Younes Bounhar
      HonoreeAlbion District Library
    • Scoville Memorial Library
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeScoville Memorial Library
    • Columbus Metropolitan Library, Northside Branch
      Photography: Sean Airhart
      HonoreeColumbus Metropolitan Library, Northside Branch
    • The Grand Reading Room at the University of Pennsylvania Library
      Photography: Brad Feinknopf
      HonoreeThe Grand Reading Room at the University of Pennsylvania Library
  • Museum/Gallery

    • The East Building of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
      Photography: Nacása & Partners Inc.
      WinnerThe East Building of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
    • Modernism Gallery
      Photography: Matthew Millman
      HonoreeModernism Gallery
    • De Maria Pavilion
      Photography: Nikolas Koenig
      HonoreeDe Maria Pavilion
    • MOXI—The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation
      Photography: Jason Rick
      HonoreeMOXI—The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation
  • Nonprofit

    • Best Friends Animal Society
      Photography: Ralf Strathmann
      WinnerBest Friends Animal Society
    • Eva's Phoenix (Brant Street)
      Photography: Ben Rahn | A-Frame
      HonoreeEva’s Phoenix (Brant Street)
    • Noblis Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeNoblis Headquarters
    • YM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood
      Photography: Michel Arnaud
      HonoreeYM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood
  • Entertainment

    • Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema
      Photography: One Plus Partnership Limited
      WinnerShanghai Omnijoi International Cinema
    • Skyline Park + Nine Mile Station
      Photography: Gregg Willett
      HonoreeSkyline Park + Nine Mile Station
    • Wuhan Insun International Cineplex
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      HonoreeWuhan Insun International Cineplex
    • Wuhan Wushang Mall International Cinema 9/F
      Photography: Jiangnan Photography
      HonoreeWuhan Wushang Mall International Cinema 9/F
  • Firm’s Own Office

    • North Main
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerNorth Main
    • Gensler New York
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeGensler New York
    • RDC-S111 Urban Office
      Photography: Benny Chan
      HonoreeRDC-S111 Urban Office
    • COOKFOX Architects Studio
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeCOOKFOX Architects Studio
    • Manufacture Design
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeManufacture Design
  • Health Care

    • Kennedy Health System, Ambulatory Care Center
      Photography: Barry Halkin
      WinnerKennedy Health System, Ambulatory Care Center
    • Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)
      Photography: Adrien Williams, Christopher Barrett
      HonoreeCentre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth
      Photography: Todd Mason
      HonoreeMemorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth
    • UC San Diego Health, Jacobs Medical Center
      Photography: Christopher Barrett, Laura Peters
      HonoreeUC San Diego Health, Jacobs Medical Center
  • Outdoor

    • Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      WinnerCentre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
    • Garden Entry and Visitor Pavilion
      Photography: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
      HonoreeGarden Entry and Visitor Pavilion
    • Sagaponack House
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreeSagaponack House
    • The Dean
      Photography: Miguel de Guzman + Frank Oudeman
      HonoreeThe Dean
    • Vintner's View
      Photography: Christopher Stark
      HonoreeVintner’s View
  • Resort

    • The Macau Roosevelt Hotel
      Photography: Kelly Puleio
      WinnerThe Macau Roosevelt Hotel
    • Andaz Scottsdale
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeAndaz Scottsdale
    • Las Alcobas Napa Valley
      Photography: Alice Gao
      HonoreeLas Alcobas Napa Valley
    • Alpine chalets, Hotel das Tegernsee
      Photography: Hotel das Tegernsee
      HonoreeAlpine chalets, Hotel das Tegernsee
  • Health & Wellness

    • Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerShirley Ryan AbilityLab
    • Banfield Pet Hospital
      Photography: Ryan Gobuty
      HonoreeBanfield Pet Hospital
    • Medical Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
      Photography: Dick Liu
      HonoreeMedical Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
    • Zephyr
      Photography: Peter Clarke +
  • Domestic Boutique Hotel

    • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      Winner1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
    • Hotel EMC2
      Photography: Michael Kleinberg, Nick Fochtman
      HonoreeHotel EMC2
    • The Robey Hall
      Photography: Adrian Gaut
      HonoreeThe Robey Hall
    • The William Vale
      Photography: Michael Stavaridis, Maxime Bocken, Jody Kivort
      HonoreeThe William Vale
  • Coffee/Tea

    • Twisting Courtyard
      Photography: Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi
      WinnerTwisting Courtyard
    • Coffee For Sasquatch
      Photography: Brandon Shigeta
      HonoreeCoffee For Sasquatch
    • Expat. Roasters
      Photography: Sean Fennessy
      HonoreeExpat. Roasters
    • Yongqing Square (Division) Lingnan traditional tea culture experience places
      Photography: Peng Yuxian
      HonoreeYongqing Square (Division) Lingnan traditional tea culture experience places
  • International Boutique Hotel

    • Emiliano Rio
      Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
      WinnerEmiliano Rio
    • Hotel Mono
      Photography: Hotel Mono
      HonoreeHotel Mono
    • LatinoAmerican
      Photography: Jaime Navarro Soto
    • Walper Hotel
      Photography: Kerun Ip
      HonoreeWalper Hotel
  • Large Apartment

    • West Chelsea Apartment
      Photography: William Waldron, Jason Schmidt
      WinnerWest Chelsea Apartment
    • East End Avenue Residence
      Photography: Thomas Loof
      HonoreeEast End Avenue Residence
    • Greenwich Village Loft
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeGreenwich Village Loft
    • SoHo Penthouse
      Photography: John Ellis
      HonoreeSoHo Penthouse
  • Small Apartment

    • Capsule Loft
      Photography: Peter Aaron
      WinnerCapsule Loft
    • Translucent Japanese Residence
      Photography: Dick Liu
      HonoreeTranslucent Japanese Residence
    • Downtown Abbey
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeDowntown Abbey
    • Library Home
      Photography: Shen Zhong Hai / Zhu Hai
      HonoreeLibrary Home
    • Park Avenue Residence
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreePark Avenue Residence
  • Casual Dining

    • White Monkey Pizza Lab & Bar
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerWhite Monkey Pizza Lab & Bar
    • Carbón Cabrón
      Photography: Adrian Llaguno
      HonoreeCarbón Cabrón
    • The Drake Commissary
      Photography: Colin Faulkner/Toni Hafkenscheid
      HonoreeThe Drake Commissary
    • Ya Pan
      Photography: Amit Geron
      HonoreeYa Pan
  • Fine Dining

    • Enigma
      Photography: Damaso Perez & Jordi Adria
    • Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera
      Photography: Brooke Holm
      HonoreeSean Connolly at Dubai Opera
    • Single Thread
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeSingle Thread
    • STK Toronto
      Photography: Nikolas Koenig
      HonoreeSTK Toronto
  • Hotel Dining

    • L'Auberge de l'Ill
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerL’Auberge de l’Ill
    • Leuca
      Photography: Michael Stavaridis, Maxime Bocken, Jody Kivort
    • The Albert
      Photography: Michael Kleinberg, Nick Fochtman
      HonoreeThe Albert
    • Wilshire Grand Tower: La Boucherie on 71
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeWilshire Grand Tower: La Boucherie on 71
    • Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto Brasserie
      Photography: Seth Powers
      HonoreeFour Seasons Hotel Kyoto Brasserie
  • Large Retail

    • Ginza Six
      Photography: Satoshi Shigeta
      WinnerGinza Six
    • Saks Fifth Avenue Toronto
      Photography: Bill Waldorf
      HonoreeSaks Fifth Avenue Toronto
    • Saks Fifth Avenue Brookfield Place
      Photography: Jason Schmidt
      HonoreeSaks Fifth Avenue Brookfield Place
    • Adidas NYC
      Photography: © Dirk Tacke, courtesy of adidas
      HonoreeAdidas NYC
    • Mall of Scandinavia
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeMall of Scandinavia
  • Asian restaurant

    • Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine
      Photography: Zhang Jing
      WinnerSetsugekka Japanese Cuisine
    • Tao Hua Yuan
      Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot
      HonoreeTao Hua Yuan
    • HaiDiLao Hotpot restaurant
      Photography: Suisicong
      HonoreeHaiDiLao Hotpot restaurant
    • Nobu Downtown
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeNobu Downtown
  • Small Retail

    • WithMe Santa Monica Place
      Photography: Benny Chan
      WinnerWithMe Santa Monica Place
    • Concept Store in Miami
      Photography: Jose Hevia
      HonoreeConcept Store in Miami
    • Fly Pony
      Photography: Katsumi Hirabayashi
      HonoreeFly Pony
    • Hunke Jewellery
      Photography: Zooey Braun
      HonoreeHunke Jewellery
    • Road to Awe (RtA)
      Photography: Brandon Shigeta
      HonoreeRoad to Awe (RtA)
  • Showroom

    • Herbert
      Photography: Amit Geron
    • Global Showroom
      Photography: A-Frame Studio (Ben Rahn)
      HonoreeGlobal Showroom
    • Swarovski New York Showroom
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeSwarovski New York Showroom
    • Wolf-Gordon Headquarters
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeWolf-Gordon Headquarters
    • Art Design Center
      Photography: Mr. Chao ZHANG
      HonoreeArt Design Center
  • Urban Chain Hotel

    • Wilshire Grand Tower Complex
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerWilshire Grand Tower Complex
    • Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerRenaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel
    • InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun
      Photography: Carson Cheung
      HonoreeInterContinental Beijing Sanlitun
    • Thompson Nashville
      Photography: Andrea Behrends
      HonoreeThompson Nashville
  • Hotel Transformation

    • Hotel Henry at Richardson Olmsted Campus
      Photography: Christopher Paine
      WinnerHotel Henry at Richardson Olmsted Campus
    • 21c Museum Hotel Nashville
      Photography: Mike Schwartz, Chris Cooper, Joe Cascio
      Honoree21c Museum Hotel Nashville
    • Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa
      Photography: Aubrie Pick
      HonoreeCalistoga Motor Lodge and Spa
    • Ignacia Guest House
      Photography: Jaime Navarro
      HonoreeIgnacia Guest House
    • The Gray Hotel
      Photography: Laure Joliet
      HonoreeThe Gray Hotel
  • Mall/Hall Restaurant

    • Restaurant 01, De Bijenkorf
      Photography: Ewout Huibers
      WinnerRestaurant 01, De Bijenkorf
    • Bizou: American Brasserie
      Photography: Dirk Weiblen
      HonoreeBizou: American Brasserie
    • Drago Ristorante
      Photography: Jasper Sanidad
      HonoreeDrago Ristorante
    • Holt Renfrew Cafe Yorkdale
      Photography: Michael Graydon
      HonoreeHolt Renfrew Cafe Yorkdale
  • Commercial Lobby

    • New Shanghai Theatre
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerNew Shanghai Theatre
    • 301 Howard Street Lobby Repositioning and Design
      Photography: David Wakely
      Honoree301 Howard Street Lobby Repositioning and Design
    • 599 Lexington Avenue Lobby
      Photography: Chris Cooper
      Honoree599 Lexington Avenue Lobby
    • Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters
      Photography: Ryan Gobuty
      HonoreeDallas Cowboys World Headquarters
    • Urban Union
      Photography: Aaron Leitz
      HonoreeUrban Union
  • Extra Large Office

    • Capital 8
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerCapital 8
    • BHP Houston Campus
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeBHP Houston Campus
    • Zurich North America, New Headquarters
      Photography: Christopher Barrett
      HonoreeZurich North America, New Headquarters
  • Large Corporate Office

    • Hyatt Global Headquarters
      Photography: Rafael Gamo
      WinnerHyatt Global Headquarters
    • Hyundai Capital Beijing
      Photography: Nacasa & Partners
      HonoreeHyundai Capital Beijing
    • Perot Family Offices
      Photography: Bruce Damonte, Erika Edwards
      HonoreePerot Family Offices
    • Perot Family Turtle Creek Campus
      Photography: Laura Wilson
      HonoreePerot Family Turtle Creek Campus
    • Roche Diagnostics, New Buildings
      Photography: Christopher Barrett, Laura Peters
      HonoreeRoche Diagnostics, New Buildings
  • Large Curative/Consumer Goods Office

    • E. & J. Gallo Winery Dry Creek Building
      Photography: Nic Lehoux
      WinnerE. & J. Gallo Winery Dry Creek Building
    • Mead Johnson Nutrition
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeMead Johnson Nutrition
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb Princeton Pike
      Photography: Connie Zhou
      HonoreeBristol-Myers Squibb Princeton Pike
  • Large Law Office

    • Venable LLP Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerVenable LLP Headquarters
    • Gardere
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
    • DLA Piper Chicago Office Relocation
      Photography: Steve Hall
      HonoreeDLA Piper Chicago Office Relocation
    • White & Case office
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeWhite & Case office
  • Mid-Size Corporate Office

    • Threads
      Photography: Roland Halbe
    • Abdul Latif Jameel Investments
      Photography: Paul Ott
      HonoreeAbdul Latif Jameel Investments
    • Morningstar Chicago office
      Photography: Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing Photography
      HonoreeMorningstar Chicago office
    • Casper's Headquarters in New York City
      Photography: Aaron Thompson
      HonoreeCasper’s Headquarters in New York City
  • Large Creative/Tech Office

    • Intuit Marine Way Building
      Photography: Jeremy Bittermann
      WinnerIntuit Marine Way Building
    • Ellucian
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
    • HBO Seattle
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeHBO Seattle
    • UNIQLO City Tokyo
      Photography: TBA
      HonoreeUNIQLO City Tokyo
  • Mid-Size Tech Office

    • Playster offices
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      WinnerPlayster offices
    • Phoenix Center
      Photography: Brian Zhang for Interior
      HonoreePhoenix Center
    • Nokia Technologies San Francisco
      Photography: Jasper Sanidad
      HonoreeNokia Technologies San Francisco
    • Quartz
      Photography: Mark Craemer
    • Slack Toronto Office
      Photography: Shai Gil
      HonoreeSlack Toronto Office
  • Mid-Size Creative Office

    • Space Design of Elephant-Parade Office
      Photography: Wang Ting, Wang Jin
      WinnerSpace Design of Elephant-Parade Office
    • Fender HQ
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeFender HQ
    • International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeInternational Interior Design Association (IIDA) Headquarters
    • Offices for Bensimon Byrne, Narrative and OneMethod
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeOffices for Bensimon Byrne, Narrative and OneMethod
    • WME
      Photography: Eric Laignel
  • Small Office

    • Poly K18 Office Building
      Photography: Golden Ho
      WinnerPoly K18 Office Building
    • Boston Art
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeBoston Art
    • The Travel Center
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeThe Travel Center
    • Edelman HQ
      Photography: Priyanka Vohra Anand
      HonoreeEdelman HQ
  • Co-Working Space

    • WeWork Weihai Lu, China Flagship Project, Shanghai
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      WinnerWeWork Weihai Lu, China Flagship Project, Shanghai
    • Blender Workspace
      Photography: Jonathan Pilkington
      HonoreeBlender Workspace
    • Hyundai Card Studio Black
      Photography: Atsushi Nakamichi/ Nacasa & Partners, Inc.
      HonoreeHyundai Card Studio Black
  • Extra Small Office

    • unbot
      Photography: Wataru Ishida
    • Herschel Supply Office, Shanghai
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      HonoreeHerschel Supply Office, Shanghai
    • Hygea Office
      Photography: Filippo Bamberghi
      HonoreeHygea Office
    • Quinnipiac University Brand Strategy Group
      Photography: Robert Benson Photography
      HonoreeQuinnipiac University Brand Strategy Group
  • Office Transformation

    • The Garage -- Beijing B+ Automobile Service Center
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute; Xia Zhi
      WinnerThe Garage — Beijing B+ Automobile Service Center
    • Lightspeed phase 2
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeLightspeed phase 2
    • Planit
      Photography: Alexander Klohr and Michael Moran
    • Insite
      Photography: Terrance Williams
  • Residential Lobby & Amenity Space

    • The Center of Capital Visionary Residence
      Photography: Ben Wu, Fang Ze, Sui Sicong
      WinnerThe Center of Capital Visionary Residence
    • 135 West 52nd Street
      Photography: Floto and Warner | CetraRuddy Architecture
      Honoree135 West 52nd Street
    • 800 Fifth Avenue Residential Lobby
      Photography: Frank Oudeman
      Honoree800 Fifth Avenue Residential Lobby
    • 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard
      Photography: Manolo Yllera
      Honoree10000 Santa Monica Boulevard
    • Halo LLC
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeHalo LLC
  • Multi-Unit Housing

    • 2510 Temple Housing
      Photography: Art Gray | Matthew Momberger
      Winner2510 Temple Housing
    • Grove at Grand Bay
      Photography: Rasmus Hjortshoj
      WinnerGrove at Grand Bay
    • Circa Central Park
      Photography: Albert Vecerka
      HonoreeCirca Central Park
    • HAP 5
      Photography: Karen Fuchs
      HonoreeHAP 5
    • Mariposa1038
      Photography: Paul Vu
  • Model Apartment

    • 25 Mercer
      Photography: Alexander Severin
      Winner25 Mercer
    • 152 Elizabeth Street Residence
      Photography: Paul Warchol
      Honoree152 Elizabeth Street Residence
    • Shades of Grey
      Photography: Sui Sicong
      HonoreeShades of Grey
    • Zaha Hadid Model Apartment
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreeZaha Hadid Model Apartment
  • Beach House

    • Georgica Close
      Photography: Bates Masi + Architects
      WinnerGeorgica Close
    • Eel Point Road Residence
      Photography: Donna Dotan
      HonoreeEel Point Road Residence
    • Palm Beach House
      Photography: Felix Forest
      HonoreePalm Beach House
    • East Lake Drive Residence
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeEast Lake Drive Residence
  • Urban House/Townhouse

    • European Townhouse
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerEuropean Townhouse
    • Hide Out
      Photography: Brandon Shigeta
      HonoreeHide Out
    • SINBIN
      Photography: Jeremy Bittermann
    • Cannon Lane House
      Photography: Giulia Ricagni, James Morris, Pietro Savorelli
      HonoreeCannon Lane House
    • A Room With a View
      Photography: Tom Arban
      HonoreeA Room With a View
    • West Village Townhouse
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreeWest Village Townhouse
  • Country House

    • Upstate Teahouse
      Photography: Simon Upton
      WinnerUpstate Teahouse
    • Lake Austin Residence
      Photography: Casey Dunn
      HonoreeLake Austin Residence
    • Maison Sur Le Lac
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeMaison Sur Le Lac
    • Tahoe Board Form Concrete House
      Photography: Matthew Millman
      HonoreeTahoe Board Form Concrete House
    • House on Ancaster Creek
      Photography: Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.
      HonoreeHouse on Ancaster Creek
  • Residential Transformation

    • Upper East Side Residence
      Photography: Paul Warchol Photography Inc.
      WinnerUpper East Side Residence
    • Greenwich Village Townhouse
      Photography: Peter Murdock
      HonoreeGreenwich Village Townhouse
    • Niederhurst
      Photography: Marco Ricca
    • Palm Springs House
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreePalm Springs House
    • New Canaan Residence
      Photography: Peter Aaron
      HonoreeNew Canaan Residence
  • Kitchen & Bath

    • The Culinary Village: Arda Showroom
      Photography: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography , PROJECT|ION| motion picture production
      WinnerThe Culinary Village: Arda Showroom
    • Bruno Moinard signature kitchen for Obumex
      Photography: Alice Gao
      HonoreeBruno Moinard signature kitchen for Obumex
    • Pacific Heights Kitchen
      Photography: David Duncan Livingston
      HonoreePacific Heights Kitchen
    • Palo Alto Residence
      Photography: Michele Lee Wilson
      HonoreePalo Alto Residence
    • Somatic Loft
      Photography: Mariko Reed, Leonard Ng
      HonoreeSomatic Loft
    • Artedomus Showroom Sydney
      Photography: Derek Swalwell
      HonoreeArtedomus Showroom Sydney
  • Residential Sales Center

    • Sansheng Riverside International Sales Center
      Photography: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
      WinnerSansheng Riverside International Sales Center
    • Dongguan times tianjing club
      Photography: Zhu Jianli
      HonoreeDongguan times tianjing club
    • Artists' Alley Presentation Gallery
      Photography: Evan Dion
      HonoreeArtists’ Alley Presentation Gallery
    • Yong Jia World Trade Centre
      Photography: Mr. Qi-Lin Zhang
      HonoreeYong Jia World Trade Centre
    • White Shoal
      Photography: Golden Ho
      HonoreeWhite Shoal
  • Mixed Retail

    • PINKAH New Products Exhibition Hall
      Photography: Peng Yuxian
      WinnerPINKAH New Products Exhibition Hall
    • New York Sweets
      Photography: Nikos Vavdinoudis
      HonoreeNew York Sweets
    • PLDT SMART Flagship Store
      Photography: Kevin Scott
      HonoreePLDT SMART Flagship Store
    • July's Flower
      Photography: Dirk Weiblen
      HonoreeJuly’s Flower
    • The Istanbul Butcher
      Photography: Mirhan Bilir
      HonoreeThe Istanbul Butcher
  • Health & Beauty Retail

    • Molecure Pharmacy
      Photography: Kuomin Lee
      WinnerMolecure Pharmacy
    • Fueguia 1833 New York
      Photography: Fueguia 1833
      HonoreeFueguia 1833 New York
    • Renovation, refurbishment and extension of building for 4 dwellings and pharmacy in Plaza Serreta
      Photography: David Frutos Ruiz
      HonoreeRenovation, refurbishment and extension of building for 4 dwellings and pharmacy in Plaza Serreta
    • The Cutting Edge Pharmacy
      Photography: Stirling Elmendorf
      HonoreeThe Cutting Edge Pharmacy
  • Bookstore

    • Zhongshuge Bookstore in Suzhou
      Photography: HU Yijie, CreatAR(AI Qing, MAO Yingchen, SHI Kaichen)
      WinnerZhongshuge Bookstore in Suzhou
    • Baoding Xinhua Bookstore
      Photography: Xiangyu Sun
      HonoreeBaoding Xinhua Bookstore
    • Life is a one-way journey to the future
      Photography: Dick.L
      HonoreeLife is a one-way journey to the future
    • Ningbo Altlife Proposition Bookstore
      Photography: Dirk Weiblen
      HonoreeNingbo Altlife Proposition Bookstore
  • On the Boards: Commercial

    • Central Park Tower
      Photography: DFA
      WinnerCentral Park Tower
    • Profiles
      Photography: Belzberg Architects
    • San Pedro Public Market
      Photography: Rapt Studio
      HonoreeSan Pedro Public Market
    • The White Hotel
      Photography: ODA In-house Renderings
      HonoreeThe White Hotel
    • New York Wheel
      Photography: S9 Architecture
      HonoreeNew York Wheel
  • On the Boards: Residential

    • Canyon Drive
      Photography: Renderings by LOHA
      WinnerCanyon Drive
    • Cape Cod House
      Photography: Brian Messana
      HonoreeCape Cod House
    • MLK1101 Supportive Housing
      Photography: Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects
      HonoreeMLK1101 Supportive Housing
    • Owlwood
      Photography: Sven Peters
  • Shining Moment

    • Passerelle du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      WinnerPasserelle du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
    • Key Biscayne Residence
      Photography: Michael Stavaridis
      HonoreeKey Biscayne Residence
    • MushLume Lighting Installation at 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
      Photography: James Baigrie
      HonoreeMushLume Lighting Installation at 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
    • The Skybridge
      Photography: Nic Lehoux
      HonoreeThe Skybridge