Browse the winners and honorees of Interior Design‘s 13th annual Best of Year Awards. Project and product winners were announced in New York City at the River Pavilion, Javits Center on November 30th in a ceremony hosted by editor in chief Cindy Allen. In total, the Best of Year Awards included an astonishing 2,000 entries and 586 finalists in 133 design categories. Read full coverage of the event here.

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Best of Year Awards
  • Architectural Installation/Pop Up

    • Storefront Library
      Photography: Naho Kubota
      WinnerStorefront Library
    • Nomaad Living
      Photography: Daniele Domenicali
      HonoreeNomaad Living
    • The Diner
      Photography: Michele de Candia
      HonoreeThe Diner
    • Ghost Cabin
      HonoreeGhost Cabin
    • Over/Under Kiosks
      Photography: Brooke Holm
      HonoreeOver/Under Kiosks
  • Exhibition/Installation

    • Doppelgängers
      Photography: Antonio Follo
    • Unbuilding Walls
      Photography: Jan Bitter
      HonoreeUnbuilding Walls
    • Light Theaters
      Photography: Alberto Canepa
      HonoreeLight Theaters
    • Constellation of Stargazing Tea Ceremony House
      Photography: Fumio Araki
      HonoreeConstellation of Stargazing Tea Ceremony House
  • Tradeshow Booth

    • Jisushe 2017 Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition Hall
      Photography: Jisushe
      WinnerJisushe 2017 Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition Hall
    • Pile Array, Guangzhou Design Week 2017
      Photography: Liang Zhigang
      HonoreePile Array, Guangzhou Design Week 2017
    • DockATot, JPMA Baby Show 2018
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeDockATot, JPMA Baby Show 2018
    • Twisting, Shanghai Hotel Design and Products Expo 2017
      Photography: Kris Lin
      HonoreeTwisting, Shanghai Hotel Design and Products Expo 2017
  • Beauty/Spa

    • Sangha by Octave Wellness Center
      Photography: Richard Bryant and Seth Powers
      WinnerSangha by Octave Wellness Center
    • Salon Xia
      Photography: Laure Joliet
      HonoreeSalon Xia
    • Crystalscape
      Photography: Fumio Araki
    • Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Alpine Spa
      Photography: Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort
      HonoreeBürgenstock Hotels & Resort Alpine Spa
  • Fitness

    • Equinox Culver City
      Photography: Fotoworks/Benny Chan
      WinnerEquinox Culver City
    • Midtown Athletic Club and Hotel
      Photography: Anthony Tahlier Photography
      HonoreeMidtown Athletic Club and Hotel
    • G-Cubed
      Photography: Benny Chan & Fotoworks
    • Transformation
      Photography: Suzhou Thinker Interior Design
  • Institutional

    • Aaniin Community Centre and Library
      Photography: Scott Norsworthy/Tom Arban
      WinnerAaniin Community Centre and Library
    • Costa Rica Convention Center
      Photography: Andrés García Lachner; courtesy of Gensler
      HonoreeCosta Rica Convention Center
    • Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community Justice Center
      Photography: Matt Winquist
      HonoreeSalt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community Justice Center
    • The Superior Court of California
      Photography: Bruce Damonte
      HonoreeThe Superior Court of California
  • Branding & Graphics: Environmental

    • McDonald’s Headquarters
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      WinnerMcDonald’s Headquarters
    • Hudson River Trading
      Photography: Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler
      HonoreeHudson River Trading
    • Yakityutyu Housing Complex, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
      Photography: Francisco Lopez de Arenosa
      HonoreeYakityutyu Housing Complex, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    • Wasserman Football Center, University of California, Los Angeles
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeWasserman Football Center, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Greater Good

    • Acompanya'm Therapeutic Unit
      Photography: Adrià Goula
      WinnerAcompanya’m Therapeutic Unit
    • Shelter Squared
      Photography: Buddy Bleckley
      HonoreeShelter Squared
    • Chelsea District Health Center
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeChelsea District Health Center
    • The Alice at Goodman Theatre
      Photography: Hall + Merrick Photgraphers
      HonoreeThe Alice at Goodman Theatre
  • Budget

    • Shoreline Hotel Waikiki
      Photography: BHDM/Adam Macchia
      WinnerShoreline Hotel Waikiki
    • Studio 1201
      Photography: Brian Roberson, Dan Taylor
      HonoreeStudio 1201
    • Bookmarks Nonprofit Bookstore & Literary Arts Gathering Space
      Photography: Keith Isaacs Photo
      HonoreeBookmarks Nonprofit Bookstore & Literary Arts Gathering Space
  • Branding & Graphics: Collateral

    • CRCelebrates30
      Photography: CetraRuddy Architecture DPC
    • Wicked Eats
      Photography: Philip Gabrie
      HonoreeWicked Eats
    • Tiziano and Gerhard Richter: Il Cielo sulla Terra Exhibition
      Photography: Lissoni Associati
      HonoreeTiziano and Gerhard Richter: Il Cielo sulla Terra Exhibition
    • NeoCon 2018 Rebrand
      Photography: Maiarelli Studio
      HonoreeNeoCon 2018 Rebrand
    • Studio Allston Hotel
      Photography: Paul Reiss
      HonoreeStudio Allston Hotel
    • Rosina
      Photography: Nathan Kirkman
  • Healthcare

    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      Photography: Halkin/Mason Photography, LLC
      WinnerMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    • Cooperman Family Pavilion
      Photography: Chris Cooper
      HonoreeCooperman Family Pavilion
    • NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center
      Photography: Frank Oudeman
      HonoreeNewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center
    • SickKids WAV PlayPark
      Photography: Richard Johnson
      HonoreeSickKids WAV PlayPark
  • Education: Higher Learning

    • Center for Media and Design & KCRW Media Center, Santa Monica College
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerCenter for Media and Design & KCRW Media Center, Santa Monica College
    • Coastal Biology Building and Marine Sciences Campus, University of California, Santa Cruz
      Photography: Michael David Rose Photography
      HonoreeCoastal Biology Building and Marine Sciences Campus, University of California, Santa Cruz
    • Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Student Commons, Niagara College
      Photography: Tom Arban
      HonoreeNiagara-on-the-Lake Campus Student Commons, Niagara College
    • Alumni Auditorium and Schaefer Awards Gallery, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
      Photography: Pavel Bendov
      HonoreeAlumni Auditorium and Schaefer Awards Gallery, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
    • San Joaquin Student Housing, University of California, Santa Barbara
      Photography: Bruce Damonte
      HonoreeSan Joaquin Student Housing, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Education: Primary and High Schools

    • The World Academy
      Photography: Paul Ott
      WinnerThe World Academy
    • Success Academy Charter School and Education Institute
      Photography: James Ewing Photography
      HonoreeSuccess Academy Charter School and Education Institute
    • Katz Family Pavilion and Shalom Garden
      Photography: Benny Chan
      HonoreeKatz Family Pavilion and Shalom Garden
    • Beaver Country Day School Research + Design Center
      Photography: John Horner
      HonoreeBeaver Country Day School Research + Design Center
  • Kid’s Zone

    • Polycarbonate Neverland and Aranya Kid’s Restaurant
      Photography: CreatAR Images
      WinnerPolycarbonate Neverland and Aranya Kid’s Restaurant
    • NUBO Chatswood
      Photography: Amy Piddington
      HonoreeNUBO Chatswood
    • ORA - Nursery of the Future
      Photography: Priyanka Vohra Anand
      HonoreeORA – Nursery of the Future
    • Dream Land 3.0
      Photography: Daqi Zhang
      HonoreeDream Land 3.0
  • Green

    • Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerTsingpu Yangzhou Retreat
    • Edible Academy
      Photography: Robert Benson Photography
      HonoreeEdible Academy
    • Fulton West
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeFulton West
    • The Spheres
      Photography: NBBJ/Sean Airhart; Stuart Isett; Bruce Damonte
      HonoreeThe Spheres
    • Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale)
      Photography: Matthias Desmet
      HonoreeSkyscraper (the Bruges Whale)
  • Counter Service

    • San Luis Gastronomic Market
      Photography: David Frutos
      WinnerSan Luis Gastronomic Market
    • Spoonfed
      Photography: Paul Vu
    • Bread
      Photography: The Raws
    • Naim Cafe
      Photography: Sean Fennessy
      HonoreeNaim Cafe
  • Library

    • Kikuchi City Central Library
      Photography: Atsushi Ishida
      WinnerKikuchi City Central Library
    • Jurong Library, Jinke Branch
      Photography: Xiangyu Sun
      HonoreeJurong Library, Jinke Branch
    • DC Public Library, West End Branch
      Photography: Ron Ngiam
      HonoreeDC Public Library, West End Branch
    • CRLand Archive Library
      Photography: Shengliang Su
      HonoreeCRLand Archive Library
  • Entertainment

    • Wuhan Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      WinnerWuhan Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema
    • Shenzhen Cine Sky Cinema
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      HonoreeShenzhen Cine Sky Cinema
    • Hayes Theater
      Photography: Paul Warchol
      HonoreeHayes Theater
    • Hangzhou Neobio Family Park
      Photography: Shao Feng
      HonoreeHangzhou Neobio Family Park
  • Public Space

    • China Railway Qingdao World Expo City Conference Center
      Photography: Kai Wang
      WinnerChina Railway Qingdao World Expo City Conference Center
    • The Bentway
      Photography: Nic Lehoux
      HonoreeThe Bentway
    • Empire Stores
      Photography: David Rahr, Lester Ali, Raimond Koch, Patrick Donahue, K Taro Hashimura
      HonoreeEmpire Stores
  • Firm’s Own Office

    • AD Architecture Office
      Photography: Ouyang Yun
      WinnerAD Architecture Office
    • A+I Office
      Photography: Magda Biernat, Courtesy of A+I
      HonoreeA+I Office
    • Cadena Concept Design Headquarters
      Photography: The Raws
      HonoreeCadena Concept Design Headquarters
    • Main + Hollister
      HonoreeMain + Hollister
    • Gary Lee Partners Office
      Photography: Tom Harris Photography
      HonoreeGary Lee Partners Office
  • Transportation

    • Harbour City Ocean Terminal Extension
      Photography: Amy K. Boyd
      WinnerHarbour City Ocean Terminal Extension
    • Gary Jet Center
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeGary Jet Center
    • Washington Park Tri-Met Station
      Photography: Sally Painter
      HonoreeWashington Park Tri-Met Station
  • Outdoor

    • Lotus Square Art Center
      Photography: Dabin
      WinnerLotus Square Art Center
    • North Forest Trail Biological Pavilion, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
      Photography: Timothy Hursley
      HonoreeNorth Forest Trail Biological Pavilion, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
    • 85 Broad Street
      Photography: FXCollaborative
      Honoree85 Broad Street
    • One Park Taipei
      Photography: Yuan Lih Construction Company
      HonoreeOne Park Taipei
    • North Beach Park
      Photography: Art Gray
      HonoreeNorth Beach Park
  • Health & Wellness

    • Beckoning Path
      Photography: Peter Aaron/Esto
      WinnerBeckoning Path
    • NYDG Integral Health & Wellness
      Photography: Albert Vecerka/Esto
      HonoreeNYDG Integral Health & Wellness
    • NewYork-Presbyterian Integrative Health and Wellbeing
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeNewYork-Presbyterian Integrative Health and Wellbeing
    • Baylor Sports Therapy & Research at the Star
      Photography: James Steinkamp
      HonoreeBaylor Sports Therapy & Research at the Star
  • Bar/Lounge/Social Club

    • The Flow of Ecstatic
      Photography: Peng Yu Xian
      WinnerThe Flow of Ecstatic
    • Bar Auditorio
      Photography: Jaime Navarro
      HonoreeBar Auditorio
    • The Collective
      Photography: Heywood Chan, YE-H PHOTOGRAPHY
      HonoreeThe Collective
    • Balance Patch Video Gaming Cafe
      Photography: John Horner Photography
      HonoreeBalance Patch Video Gaming Cafe
    • Camden Cocktail Lounge
      Photography: Brandon Barré
      HonoreeCamden Cocktail Lounge
  • Large Apartment

    • Faena Residence
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerFaena Residence
    • Union Square Penthouse
      Photography: Christopher Olstein
      HonoreeUnion Square Penthouse
    • Four51 Penthouse
      Photography: Bob O’Connor
      HonoreeFour51 Penthouse
    • Art Gallery Residence
      Photography: Scott Frances
      HonoreeArt Gallery Residence
  • Coffee/Tea

    • Heytea DP3 Hills Beyond
      Photography: Zhe Zeng
      WinnerHeytea DP3 Hills Beyond
    • TMB Tea Mixture Bar
      Photography: Micheal Lam
      HonoreeTMB Tea Mixture Bar
    • Hey Tea
      Photography: Leaping Creative
      HonoreeHey Tea
    • Sky Tea House
      Photography: Wu Yongchang
      HonoreeSky Tea House
  • Small Apartment

    • Bauhaus Loft
      Photography: Dick Liu
      WinnerBauhaus Loft
    • Residence
      Photography: Eric Laignel
    • The Zentuary
      Photography: Dick Liu
      HonoreeThe Zentuary
    • Kangping Road Apartment
      HonoreeKangping Road Apartment
  • Casual Dining

    • Restaurant Birch
      Photography: Sergey Melnikov
      WinnerRestaurant Birch
    • Taquería El Califa
      Photography: Camila Cossio
      HonoreeTaquería El Califa
    • HeSheEat
      Photography: Dick Liu
    • Constantine
      Photography: Maxime Brouillet
  • Fine Dining

    • Ta-Ke
      Photography: Mr. Virgile Simon Bertrand
    • Fucina Restaurant
      Photography: Nick Rochowski
      HonoreeFucina Restaurant
    • DaDong
      Photography: Eric Laignel
    • Noma
      Photography: Irina Boersm
    • Arbor
      Photography: Virgile Simon Bertrand
  • Hotel Dining

    • Alain Ducasse at Morpheus
      Photography: Jouin Manku
      WinnerAlain Ducasse at Morpheus
    • Somerset
      Photography: Anthony Tahlier
    • Hyatt Place Hotel Sanya Restaurant
      HonoreeHyatt Place Hotel Sanya Restaurant
    • Lago by Julian Serrano
      Photography: 3 Images
      HonoreeLago by Julian Serrano
    • Voyages by Alain Ducasse
      Photography: Pierre Monetta
      HonoreeVoyages by Alain Ducasse
  • Large Resort

    • Olea All Suite Hotel
      WinnerOlea All Suite Hotel
    • Six Senses Kaplankaya
      Photography: John Athiramitis/ Six Senses Kaplankaya
      HonoreeSix Senses Kaplankaya
    • Mist Hot Spring Hotel
      Photography: W Workspace
      HonoreeMist Hot Spring Hotel
    • Four Seasons Papagayo
      Photography: Don Riddle
      HonoreeFour Seasons Papagayo
  • Large Retail

    • Landmark - Filinvest
      Photography: Toto Labrador Darklab
      WinnerLandmark – Filinvest
    • Calvin Klein Showroom
      Photography: Elizabeth Felicella
      HonoreeCalvin Klein Showroom
    • Parly 2
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeParly 2
    • Ganahl Lumber South Bay
      Photography: Martin King
      HonoreeGanahl Lumber South Bay
  • Small Resort

    • Sacromonte Landscape Hotel
      Photography: Leonardo Finotti / Tali Kimelman
      WinnerSacromonte Landscape Hotel
    • Umari Casa Tremblant
      Photography: Evan Dion
      HonoreeUmari Casa Tremblant
    • Poly Gold Ting Harbour Villa Resort Hotel
      Photography: Huang Zaohui
      HonoreePoly Gold Ting Harbour Villa Resort Hotel
    • Manshausen 2.0
      Photography: Snorre Stinessen/Kjell Ove Storvik
      HonoreeManshausen 2.0
  • Small Retail

    • Valextra Flagship Store
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerValextra Flagship Store
    • Khromis
      Photography: Dennis Lo
    • Headfoneshop
      Photography: Doublespace Photography, Amanda Large & Younes Bounhar
    • Eames NW
      Photography: Ed Sozinho
      HonoreeEames NW
    • Carnabys Bespoke Jewellery
      Photography: Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.
      HonoreeCarnabys Bespoke Jewellery
  • Urban Chain Hotel

    • Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait, Burj Alshaya
      Photography: Virgile Simon Bertrand
      WinnerFour Seasons Hotel Kuwait, Burj Alshaya
    • Waldorf Astoria Chengdu
      Photography: Champalimaud
      HonoreeWaldorf Astoria Chengdu
    • HY 36 Crown Plaza
      Photography: David Mitchell
      HonoreeHY 36 Crown Plaza
    • W Hotel Suzhou
      Photography: Ed Reeve
      HonoreeW Hotel Suzhou
  • Urban Boutique Hotel

    • Sukhothai Shanghai Hotel
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerSukhothai Shanghai Hotel
    • Hôtel Monville
      Photography: Adrien Williams
      HonoreeHôtel Monville
    • La Peer Hotel
      Photography: Art Gray
      HonoreeLa Peer Hotel
    • Hotel Kabuki
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeHotel Kabuki
  • Hotel Transformation

    • Line Hotel
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerLine Hotel
    • 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City
      Photography: Chris Cooper
      Honoree21c Museum Hotel Kansas City
    • Gran Hotel Inglés
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeGran Hotel Inglés
    • Freehand New York
      Photography: Adrian Gaut
      HonoreeFreehand New York
  • Extra Large Office

    • Regional Council Île-de-France
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerRegional Council Île-de-France
    • McDonald's Headquarters
      Photography: Garett Rowland
      WinnerStudio O+A and IA Interior Architects for McDonald’s Headquarters
    • Latham & Watkins
      Photography: Halkin Mason
      HonoreeLatham & Watkins
    • Vans Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeVans Headquarters
  • Large Office

    • Mercedes-Benz USA
      Photography: Garrett Rowland and Jason ORear
      WinnerMercedes-Benz USA
    • 21st Century Fox
      Photography: Eric Laignel, courtesy of Gensler
      Honoree21st Century Fox
    • AEB Headquarters
      Photography: Ippolito Fleitz Group
      HonoreeAEB Headquarters
    • Espace CDPQ
      Photography: Claude-Simon Langlois
      HonoreeEspace CDPQ
    • Associated Press
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeAssociated Press
  • Large Tech Office

  • Mid-Size Corporate Office

    • Private Office
      Photography: Nic Lehoux
      WinnerPrivate Office
    • Area 2071
      Photography: Jonathan Gainer
      HonoreeArea 2071
    • Kaiser Family Foundation
      Photography: Adam Rouse
      HonoreeKaiser Family Foundation
    • Tommy Hilfiger NY Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeTommy Hilfiger NY Headquarters
    • FTI Consulting
      Photography: Devon Banks Photography
      HonoreeFTI Consulting
  • Mid-Size Real Estate and Construction Office

    • Shanghai Baoye Center
      Photography: Wu Qingshan, He Lian
      WinnerShanghai Baoye Center
    • C&P Corporate Headquarters
      Photography: Paul Ott
      HonoreeC&P Corporate Headquarters
    • Skender
      Photography: Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick Photographers
    • Sterling Bay
      Photography: Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick Photographers
      HonoreeSterling Bay
  • Mid-Size Tech Office

    • Expensify Portland Office
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      WinnerExpensify Portland Office
    • Field Nation
      Photography: Corey Gaffer Photography
      HonoreeField Nation
    • Mafengwo Office Space Design
      Photography: Xia Zhi, courtesy of SYN Architects
      HonoreeMafengwo Office Space Design
    • GitHub
      Photography: Jasper Sanidad
    • DayOne Legal & Technology Building
      Photography: Zhao Bin
      HonoreeDayOne Legal & Technology Building
  • Small Office

    • Jiaxing Tkstyle
      Photography: YAN Ming
      WinnerJiaxing Tkstyle
    • Collision Lab at Cornell Tech
      Photography: Bilyana Dimitrova
      HonoreeCollision Lab at Cornell Tech
    • Sonic Union
      Photography: Lester Ali, Travis Mark
      HonoreeSonic Union
    • Edelman Dubai
      Photography: Pankaj Anand
      HonoreeEdelman Dubai
  • Small Corporate Office

    • Minimalism Flow, Meijing Group
      Photography: G-Art Design International
      WinnerMinimalism Flow, Meijing Group
    • Basix Headquarters
      Photography: Amit Geron
      HonoreeBasix Headquarters
    • Confidential Investment Firm
      Photography: Jason O’Rear, courtesy of Gensler
      HonoreeConfidential Investment Firm
    • Logistic Republic Automation Warehouse
      Photography: Kuomin, Lee
      HonoreeLogistic Republic Automation Warehouse
  • Co-working Space

    • Assemblage
      Photography: Eric Laignel
    • The Wing Dumbo
      Photography: Tory Williams
      HonoreeThe Wing Dumbo
    • The Grid
      Photography: Kurt Griesbach 2018
      HonoreeThe Grid
    • U-Space
      Photography: Blake Wang
  • Office Transformation

    • New York Stock Exchange
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerNew York Stock Exchange
    • Hill Office
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeHill Office
    • Fitzco, Momentum, Weber Shandwick
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeFitzco, Momentum, Weber Shandwick
    • 777 Aviation
      Photography: Benny Chan & Fotoworks
      Honoree777 Aviation
  • Corporate Cafeteria

    • 4 Times Square
      Photography: Jeremy Frachette
      Winner4 Times Square
    • NCR Headquarters
      Photography: Garrett Rowland Photography
      HonoreeNCR Headquarters
    • Stir, One Legacy West
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeStir, One Legacy West
    • McDonald's Headquarters
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeMcDonald’s Headquarters
  • Commercial Lobby and Amenity Space

    • 70 Hudson
      Photography: Alan Schindler
      Winner70 Hudson
    • 121 Seaport
      Photography: CBT
      Honoree121 Seaport
    • 1407 Broadway
      Photography: Fogarty Finger
      Honoree1407 Broadway
    • MassMutual Tower Podium Refurbishment
      Photography: Asia Standard International Group
      HonoreeMassMutual Tower Podium Refurbishment
  • Residential Lobby & Amenity Space

    • Eagle Warehouse
      WinnerEagle Warehouse
    • One Hudson Yards
      Photography: Scott Frances/OTTO
      HonoreeOne Hudson Yards
    • From Winter to Spring Clubhouse
      Photography: Jing Zhang
      HonoreeFrom Winter to Spring Clubhouse
    • 88 & 90 Lex
      Photography: Colin Miller
      Honoree88 & 90 Lex
  • Multi-Unit Housing

  • Mid-Size Apartment

    • Private Residence
      Photography: Manolo Yllera
      WinnerPrivate Residence
    • 18th Street Triplex
      Photography: Joshua McHugh
      Honoree18th Street Triplex
    • Bond Street Residence
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeBond Street Residence
    • Central Park Duplex
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeCentral Park Duplex
  • Urban House

    • Residence
      Photography: Scott Frances
    • Cloud Villa
      Photography: Highlight Images
      WinnerCloud Villa
    • Natoma
      Photography: R. Brad Knipstein
    • White House
      Photography: TIAN Fangfang
      HonoreeWhite House
    • Chelsea Triplex
      Photography: Frank Oudeman
      HonoreeChelsea Triplex
  • Beach House

    • Acton Cove
      Photography: Michael Moran
      WinnerActon Cove
    • Red Creek Road Residence
      Photography: David Sundberg/ESTO
      HonoreeRed Creek Road Residence
    • Lagoon House
      Photography: Paul Dyer
      HonoreeLagoon House
    • House On The Bluff
      Photography: Matthew Carbone
      HonoreeHouse On The Bluff
  • Country House

    • Residence
      Photography: Douglas Friedman
    • Winged Retreat
      Photography: Matthew Millman
      HonoreeWinged Retreat
    • Residence
      Photography: Scott Frances
    • Art Barn
      Photography: Brent Moss Photography
      HonoreeArt Barn
  • Residential Transformation

    • Layering Courtyard
      Photography: CreatAR Images (Luo Juncai)/Jin Weiqi
      WinnerLayering Courtyard
    • Beverly Hills Residence
      Photography: Daniel Salemi
      HonoreeBeverly Hills Residence
    • Wabaunsee County Homestead
      Photography: Mike Sinclair
      HonoreeWabaunsee County Homestead
    • Carriage House
      Photography: Jeff Holt
      HonoreeCarriage House
  • Kitchen & Bath

    • Modern Spanish Residence
      Photography: Benny Chan
      WinnerModern Spanish Residence
    • Darling Point Cottage
      Photography: Tom Fergurson
      HonoreeDarling Point Cottage
    • Teaberry
      Photography: Cesar Rubio Photography
    • Moncur Church
      Photography: Simon Whitbread
      HonoreeMoncur Church
  • Kitchen & Bath Showroom

    • Fantini Showroom
      Photography: Courtesy Fantini and Simone Bossi
      WinnerFantini Showroom
    • AFNY Project6
      Photography: Mark Craemer
      HonoreeAFNY Project6
    • House of Rohl Showroom
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeHouse of Rohl Showroom
    • Moen Showroom
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeMoen Showroom
  • Showroom

    • Steelcase WorkLife and WorkCafe
      Photography: Benny Chan
      WinnerShimoda Design Group and Steelcase Design for Steelcase WorkLife and WorkCafe
    • Knoll
      Photography: Elizabeth Felicella
    • Daikin Showroom
      Photography: Dick Liu
      HonoreeDaikin Showroom
    • Stickbulb Studio and Showroom
      Photography: Joseph De Leo and Robert Dunne
      HonoreeStickbulb Studio and Showroom
    • LaCanTouch Design & Decoration Gallery
      Photography: Yunpu Cai
      HonoreeLaCanTouch Design & Decoration Gallery
  • Mid-Size Retail

    • Bulgari
      Photography: Manolo Yllera
    • WADA Sports Flagship Store
      Photography: Stirling Elmendorf
      HonoreeWADA Sports Flagship Store
    • Chow Thai Fook
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      HonoreeChow Thai Fook
    • Optimo Hat Company
      Photography: Tom Rossiter
      HonoreeOptimo Hat Company
  • On the Boards: Commercial

    • Lichen
      Photography: Park + Associates
    • Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
      Photography: Skyline Ink
      HonoreeOklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
    • West End
      HonoreeWest End
    • Rüh Landscape Hotel
      Photography: MAPA Architects
      HonoreeRüh Landscape Hotel
  • On the Boards: Residential

    • 150 Central Park South
      Photography: SPAN Architecture
      Winner150 Central Park South
    • ARO
      Photography: CetraRuddy Architecture DPC
    • Summit Horizon Neighborhood
      Photography: Powder Mountain: Paul Bundy
      HonoreeSummit Horizon Neighborhood
    • The Box House
      Photography: Messana O’Rorke
      HonoreeThe Box House
  • Shining Moment

    • Profiles
      Photography: LGM Studio
    • Parq
      Photography: Adrien Williams
    • Facade Reconstruction of Qingdao Fashion Center
      Photography: Xiaojun Bu
      HonoreeFacade Reconstruction of Qingdao Fashion Center
    • Pier 17
      Photography: C. Taylor Crothers
      HonoreePier 17