Best of Year Awards Winners 2020

Welcome to Interior Design’s 15th annual Best of Year Awards. As part of Best of Design 2020, winners and honorees are announced in virtual ceremonies on DesignTV by SANDOW through the week of December 7-10, starting with Student Design winners, presented by Pottery Barn, on December 7; Product winners and honorees on December 8; Project winners and honorees on December 9; and People winners and honorees on December 10.

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Best of Year Awards
  • Exhibition/Installation

  • Budget

    • The DW
      Photography: Dominic Bonucelli
      WinnerThe DW
    • Filevine Headquarters
      Photography: Malissa Mabey
      HonoreeFilevine Headquarters
    • Joys
      Photography: Li Jinhui
    • Bowlero Lanes & Lounge
      Photography: John D’Angelo
      HonoreeBowlero Lanes & Lounge
    • Hi Inn Hotel
      Photography: Felix Zhang
      HonoreeHi Inn Hotel
  • Education: Higher Learning

    • Sunshine Skills Hub, Victoria University
      Photography: Peter Bennetts
      WinnerSunshine Skills Hub, Victoria University
    • Health Sciences Innovation Building, University of Arizona
      Photography: Bill Timmerman
      HonoreeHealth Sciences Innovation Building, University of Arizona
    • American International University Kuwait
      Photography: Matt Livey
      HonoreeAmerican International University Kuwait
    • Clark Hall Sheds and Number 9, Savannah College of Architecture and Design
      Photography: Aman Shakya
      HonoreeClark Hall Sheds and Number 9, Savannah College of Architecture and Design
  • Education: Primary + High Schools

    • Lisle Elementary School
      Photography: James Steinkamp © Steinkamp Photography
      WinnerLisle Elementary School
    • MaST II Community Charter School
      Photography: Barry Halkin
      HonoreeMaST II Community Charter School
    • Blakely Elementary School
      Photography: Kevin Scott; Benjamin Benschneider
      HonoreeBlakely Elementary School
    • Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
      Photography: Steve Hall
      HonoreeBernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
  • Kids’ Zone

    • Anoha, The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin
      Photography: Hufton+Crow
      WinnerAnoha, The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin
    • Big Toy Kid Photography Studio
      Photography: Zhang Zheming
      HonoreeBig Toy Kid Photography Studio
    • MuseumLab
      Photography: Eric Staudenmaier
      HonoreeKoningEizenberg Architecture for MuseumLab
    • Mondodo Kids Town
      Photography: Hu Yijie
      HonoreeMondodo Kids Town
  • Greater World: Environmental Impact

    • The Quayside
      Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot
      WinnerThe Quayside
    • The WELLington
      Photography: Ashley Capp
      HonoreeThe WELLington
    • Mildred Residence
      Photography: Art Gray
      HonoreeMildred Residence
    • Me Kwa Mooks Net-Zero
      Photography: Rafael Soldi
      HonoreeMe Kwa Mooks Net-Zero
  • Greater Good: Social Impact

    • Northtown Affordable Apartments and Public Library
      Photography: James Steinkamp
      WinnerNorthtown Affordable Apartments and Public Library
    • Jill and Alan B. Miller Tower
      Photography: Barry Halkin
      HonoreeJill and Alan B. Miller Tower
    • Plywood Place
      Photography: Ben Farnham
      HonoreePlywood Place
    • DineOut NYC
      Photography: Emily Andrews
      HonoreeDineOut NYC
  • Greater Good: Design Unity

    • Society's Cage
      Photography: Alan Karchmer
      WinnerSociety’s Cage
    • We Design: People. Practice. Progress.
      Photography: Eriola Capay
      HonoreeWe Design: People. Practice. Progress.
    • Algin Sutton Pool
      Photography: Lehrer Architects LA
      HonoreeAlgin Sutton Pool
    • Shifting Totems
      Photography: Clum Creative
      HonoreeShifting Totems
  • Entertainment

    • Century Project, Space Needle
      Photography: Hufton+Crow
      WinnerCentury Project, Space Needle
    • TheatreSquared
      Photography: Greg Maka, Timothy Hursley, Stephen Ironside/Ironside Photography
    • SFC Shangying Cinema Luxe
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography
      HonoreeSFC Shangying Cinema Luxe
    • Bona Palace Cinema, Landmark Riverside Park
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography
      HonoreeBona Palace Cinema, Landmark Riverside Park
  • Government/Institutional

    • Xi'an Silk Road International Conference Center
      Photography: InSpace
      WinnerXi’an Silk Road International Conference Center
    • Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse
      Photography: Matthew Millman
      HonoreeGeneva Car Barn and Powerhouse
    • 165 Capitol Avenue
      Photography: Robert Benson Photography
      Honoree165 Capitol Avenue
    • Service Center of the Vienna Public Services
      Photography: Dimitar Gamizov | Sara Schmidt
      HonoreeService Center of the Vienna Public Services
  • Transportation

  • Outdoor Space

    • Edge
      Photography: Connie Zhou
    • Buddakan
      Photography: Emily Andrews
    • Timber Pavilion
      Photography: Andy Tye
      HonoreeTimber Pavilion
    • Espacio Arte Abierto
      Photography: Rafael Gamo
      HonoreeEspacio Arte Abierto
  • Healthcare

    • The David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      Photography: Chris Cooper
      WinnerICrave and Perkins Eastman Architects for The David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    • NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns
      Photography: James Ewing
      HonoreeHOK and Ballinger for NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns
    • Omaha VA Ambulatory Care Center, US Department of Veterans Affairs
      Photography: AJ Brown Imaging
      HonoreeLeo A Daly and Vireo for Omaha VA Ambulatory Care Center, US Department of Veterans Affairs
    • MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women's Pavilion
      Photography: Halkin Mason
      HonoreeMUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion
    • The University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
      Photography: Mark Herboth
      HonoreeThe University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
  • Health + Wellness

    • Beverly Clinic
      Photography: John Horner
      WinnerBeverly Clinic
    • Real
      Photography: Adam Macchia
    • Wellem Pediatric
      Photography: CreatAR Images Studio
      HonoreeWellem Pediatric
    • Ora
      Photography: Emily Andrews
  • Fitness

    • Vikasa Yoga
      Photography: Edmund Sumner
      WinnerVikasa Yoga
    • Penn Squash Center
      Photography: Barry Halkin
      HonoreePenn Squash Center
    • Piedmont Wellness Center
      Photography: Hall + Merrick Photographers
      HonoreePiedmont Wellness Center
    • Fusion Fitness Q-Plex Premium Club
      Photography: Ming Chen
      HonoreeFusion Fitness Q-Plex Premium Club
    • BodyConcept Pilates Studio
      Photography: Yunpu Cai
      HonoreeBodyConcept Pilates Studio
  • Spa

    • Forest for Rest
      Photography: Minjie Wang
      WinnerForest for Rest
    • Chileno Bay Spa
      Photography: Sargent Photography
      HonoreeChileno Bay Spa
    • Green Massage
      Photography: Yunpu Cai
      HonoreeGreen Massage
    • Williamsburg Bathhouse
      Photography: Adrian Gaut
      HonoreeVerona Carpenter Architects and Colberg Architecture for Williamsburg Bathhouse
  • Beauty

    • Say No Mo
      Photography: Yevhenii Avramenko
      WinnerSay No Mo
    • Sooyou Beauty Salon
      Photography: Ouyang Yun
      HonoreeAD Architecture for Sooyou Beauty Salon
    • A Surprise Hair Salon
      Photography: CreatAR Images Studio
      HonoreeA Surprise Hair Salon
    • Shiseido Future Solution LX
      Photography: Wu Qingshan
      HonoreeShiseido Future Solution LX
  • Bar

    • Odessa
      Photography: Jaime Navarro
    • Lennon's
      Photography: Owen Raggett
    • Zweig
      Photography: Yevhenii Avramenko
    • La Cage Noire
      Photography: Stefanos Tsakiris
      HonoreeLa Cage Noire
  • Lounge

    • Xige Estate
      Photography: Feng Shao & Heng Li
      WinnerXige Estate
    • Nina Bridal Suite
      Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot
      HonoreeNina Bridal Suite
    • Felix Meritis
      Photography: Ewout Huibers
      Honoreei29 Interior Architects and MATH Architecten for Felix Meritis
    • Garden Pavilion
      Photography: Harold De Puymorin
      HonoreeGarden Pavilion
    • Osler Bluff Ski Club
      Photography: Younes Bounhar
      HonoreeOsler Bluff Ski Club
  • Coffee/Tea

    • HeyTea Lab
      Photography: Sean
      WinnerHeyTea Lab
    • HeyTea Pink
      Photography: Jin Weiqi
      HonoreeHeyTea Pink
    • Liberation Coffee House
      Photography: Eric Staudenmaier
      HonoreeLiberation Coffee House
    • HeyTea
      Photography: Cheng Xiaole
  • Counter Service

    • Vista
      Photography: King Ou
    • De Huevos
      Photography: The Raws
      HonoreeDe Huevos
    • City Food
      Photography: Sergey Melnikov
      HonoreeCity Food
    • The Commons Saladaeng
      Photography: Spaceshift Studio
      HonoreeThe Commons Saladaeng
    • BaseHall
      Photography: Dennis Lo
  • Casual Dining

    • Tori Tori
      Photography: César Béjar
      WinnerTori Tori
    • YaoYao
      Photography: Zeng Zhe
    • Under the Sea
      Photography: Sergey Melnikov
      HonoreeUnder the Sea
    • Mr Ming
      Photography: Harold de Puymorin
      HonoreeMr Ming
    • Qingdao Flowery Café
      Photography: Xuanmin Jin
      HonoreeQingdao Flowery Café
  • Fine Dining

    • Blue by Alain Ducasse
      Photography: W Workspace
      WinnerBlue by Alain Ducasse
    • Georgie by Curtis Stone
      Photography: Nicole Franzen
      HonoreeGeorgie by Curtis Stone
    • Afterain
      Photography: Sean
    • Jean-Georges, Three on the Bund
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      HonoreeJean-Georges, Three on the Bund
    • Peak
      Photography: Emily Andrews
  • Hotel Dining

    • The Chinese National
      Photography: Owen Raggett
      WinnerThe Chinese National
    • Nan Bei
      Photography: Owen Raggett
      HonoreeNan Bei
    • Maialino Mare
      Photography: Julie Soefer
      HonoreeMaialino Mare
    • Cathédrale
      Photography: Michael Kleinberg
  • Domestic Chain Hotel

    • Conrad Washington DC
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerRottet Studio and Herzog & de Meuron for Conrad Washington DC
    • Canopy by Hilton Philadelphia
      Photography: Julie Soefer
      HonoreeCanopy by Hilton Philadelphia
    • Virgin Hotels Nashville
      Photography: Virgin Hotels Nashville
      HonoreeVirgin Hotels Nashville
    • Thompson Hotel Washington DC
      Photography: Julie Soefer
      HonoreeThompson Hotel Washington DC
  • International Chain Hotel

    • Park Hyatt Kyoto
      Photography: Park Hyatt Kyoto
      Winnertonychi studio and Takenaka Corporation for Park Hyatt Kyoto
    • InterContinental Raffles City Chongqing
      Photography: Shao Feng
      HonoreeInterContinental Raffles City Chongqing
    • Canopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla
      Photography: Will Pryce
      HonoreeCanopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla
    • Hangzhou Joya Hotel
      Photography: Yunpu Cai
      HonoreeHangzhou Joya Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel

    • MeeHotel
      Photography: POPO VISION
    • C. Baldwin Hotel
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeC. Baldwin Hotel
    • Hotel Gahn
      Photography: Beer Singnoi
      HonoreeHotel Gahn
    • Golden Eagle G Hotel
      Photography: Xiao En
      HonoreeGolden Eagle G Hotel
  • Resort

    • Apfelhotel Torgglerhof
      Photography: Alex Filz
      WinnerApfelhotel Torgglerhof
    • Canopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla
      Photography: Will Pryce
      HonoreeCanopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla
    • Mauna Lani
      Photography: Olivier Koning
      HonoreeMauna Lani
    • Casa Palerm
      Photography: José Hevia
      HonoreeCasa Palerm
  • Hotel Transformation

    • 21c Museum Hotel Chicago
      Photography: Julie Soefer
      Winner21c Museum Hotel Chicago
    • Linhai Yufengli Homestay
      Photography: Wu Qingshan
      WinnerLinhai Yufengli Homestay
    • Riggs Washington DC
      Photography: Jennifer Hughes
      HonoreeRiggs Washington DC
    • Loop Homes Palace
      Photography: David Frutos
      HonoreeLoop Homes Palace
    • The Candler Hotel Atlanta
      Photography: Nicole Franzen
      HonoreeThe Candler Hotel Atlanta
    • Conrad New York Midtown
      Photography: David Mitchell
      HonoreeConrad New York Midtown
  • Large Corporate Office

    • Red Star Macalline Headquarters
      Photography: CreatAR Images
      WinnerRed Star Macalline Headquarters
    • Equinox Headquarters
      Photography: Magda Biernat
      HonoreeEquinox Headquarters
    • Guardian Life Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeGuardian Life Headquarters
    • BHP Adelaide
      Photography: Trevor Mein
      HonoreeBHP Adelaide
  • Medium Corporate Office

    • Pernod Ricard Global Headquarters
      Photography: Saguez & Partners
      WinnerPernod Ricard Global Headquarters
    • Rockefeller Group Headquarters
      Photography: Fogarty Finger Architecture
      HonoreeRockefeller Group Headquarters
    • EY Wavespace
      Photography: Perkins and Will
      HonoreeEY Wavespace
  • Small Corporate Office

    • Wörwag Headquarters
      WinnerWörwag Headquarters
    • First Gulf Finally Home
      Photography: Steve Tsai
      HonoreeFirst Gulf Finally Home
    • Sterling Bay Headquarters
      Photography: Tom Harris
      HonoreeSterling Bay Headquarters
  • Biotech/Medical Office

    • Medical Research Building 1, The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation
      Photography: Connie Zhou
      WinnerMedical Research Building 1, The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation
    • Benson Hill
      Photography: Alise O’Brien Photography
      HonoreeBenson Hill
    • PDI Headquarters
      Photography: Connie Zhou
      HonoreePDI Headquarters
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb Modules M&N
      Photography: Dan Schwalm
      HonoreeBristol-Myers Squibb Modules M&N
  • Finance/Law Office

    • Law Office
      Photography: David Mitchell
      WinnerSHoP Architects and K&Co. for Law Office
    • Confidential Financial Service Firm
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeConfidential Financial Service Firm
    • Confidential Law Firm
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeHYL Architecture and Spectorgroup for Confidential Law Firm
    • Hogan Lovells
      Photography: Magda Biernat
      HonoreeHogan Lovells
  • Tech Office

    • Unbot Inc.
      Photography: Katsumi Hirabayashi
      WinnerPrism Design and Super Neko Architects for Unbot Inc.
    • TikTok Headquarters
      Photography: Benny Chan
      HonoreeTikTok Headquarters
    • Fintech
      Photography: Simon Wu
    • Confidential Tech Client
      Photography: Magda Biernat
      HonoreeConfidential Tech Client
  • Creative Office

    • Shiseido Americas Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      WinnerShiseido Americas Headquarters
    • Hallstar Beauty
      Photography: Mike Schwartz
      HonoreeHallstar Beauty
    • Motion Picture Association
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeMotion Picture Association
    • Roc Nation
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeRoc Nation
    • Goop Headquarters
      Photography: Madeline Tolle
      HonoreeGoop Headquarters
  • Co-Working Space

    • Shimao MWorks Mao Space
      Photography: Shi Xiang Wan He
      WinnerShimao MWorks Mao Space
    • NeueHouse Bradbury
      Photography: Nikolas Koenig
      HonoreeNeueHouse Bradbury
    • The Coven
      Photography: Corey Gaffer
      HonoreeThe Coven
    • Base4Work
      Photography: Mojmír Bureš
  • Firm’s Own: International

    • EVD Office
      Photography: Super Yingxiang
      WinnerEVD Office
    • Xiamen Office
      Photography: GL YANG
      HonoreeXiamen Office
    • Studio Office
      Photography: Genevieve Lutkin
      HonoreeStudio Office
    • No.31
      Photography: Chen Hao
    • RMA Office
      Photography: Jack Qin
      HonoreeRMA Office
  • Firm’s Own: North America

    • Dubbeldam Office
      Photography: Scott Norsworthy
      WinnerDubbeldam Office
    • New York City Headquarters
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeNew York City Headquarters
    • 60 Adelaide
      Photography: Naomi Finlay
      Honoree60 Adelaide
    • Austin Studio
      Photography: Casey Dunn
      HonoreeAustin Studio
  • Office Transformation

    • Canada Goose
      Photography: Arch-Exist
      WinnerCanada Goose
    • Eagle Family Executive Offices
      Photography: Nick Merrick
      HonoreeEagle Family Executive Offices
    • Government Office
      Photography: David Boyer
      HonoreeGovernment Office
    • Unity
      Photography: Eric Laignel
  • Corporate Cafeteria

    • La Visione, Object Carpet Campus
      Photography: Zooey Braun
      WinnerLa Visione, Object Carpet Campus
    • The Rambler, Goodman Interlink Headquarters
      Photography: Harold de Puymorin
      HonoreeThe Rambler, Goodman Interlink Headquarters
    • One Shenzhen Bay
      Photography: Huang Zaohui
      HonoreeOne Shenzhen Bay
  • Commercial Lobby + Amenity Space

    • One Embarcadero Center
      Photography: Joe Fletcher
      WinnerOne Embarcadero Center
    • Florescence
      Photography: Jack Qin
    • Times Property Center
      Photography: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
      HonoreeTimes Property Center
    • 600 West Chicago
      Photography: Kendall McCaugherty
      Honoree600 West Chicago
    • The Post Office
      Photography: Eric Laignel
      HonoreeThe Post Office
    • 347 Kent Street
      Photography: Trevor Mein
      Honoree347 Kent Street
  • Building Facade

    • Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
      Photography: Jason O’Rear
      WinnerDallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
    • Lasvit Headquarters
      Photography: Boys Play Nice/ ov-a
      WinnerLasvit Headquarters
    • Torchy's Taco
      Photography: Patrick Wong
      HonoreeTorchy’s Taco
    • American Airlines Federal Credit Union Headquarters
      Photography: Kurt Griesbach
      HonoreeAmerican Airlines Federal Credit Union Headquarters
    • Fifteen Fifty
      Photography: Jason O’Rear
      HonoreeFifteen Fifty
  • Residential Lobby/Amenity Space

    • Waterline Club
      Photography: Evan Joseph
      WinnerWaterline Club
    • Fifteen Fifty
      Photography: Adam Potts
      HonoreeFifteen Fifty
    • Dongguan Baisihui Soho
      Photography: Jing Xufeng
      HonoreeDongguan Baisihui Soho
    • Everbon
      Photography: Yi Qian Du Vision
      HonoreeShenzhen Super Normal Design Co. and Koomark Decoration for Everbon
  • Multi-Unit Housing

    • Ícaro Building
      Photography: Eduardo Macarios
      WinnerÍcaro Building
    • Bata Shoe Factory
      Photography: Scott Norsworthy
      HonoreeDubbeldam Architecture + Design and Quadrangle for Bata Shoe Factory
    • John R 2660
      Photography: Jason Keen
      HonoreeJohn R 2660
    • Hawthorne Park Development
      Photography: Read McKendree
      HonoreeHawthorne Park Development
  • Apartment

    • Imperfect Residence
      Photography: Harold de Puymorin
      WinnerImperfect Residence
    • White Screens Apartment
      Photography: Amit Geron
      HonoreeWhite Screens Apartment
    • Soho Loft
      Photography: Garrett Rowland
      HonoreeSoho Loft
    • Hudson River Think Tank
      Photography: Michael Moran
      HonoreeHudson River Think Tank
    • Alex
      Photography: VC
  • City House

    • Manifold House
      Photography: Paul Warchol
      WinnerManifold House
    • Pemberton Residence
      Photography: Casey Dunn
      HonoreePemberton Residence
    • Vertical Courtyard House
      Photography: Kevin Scott
      HonoreeVertical Courtyard House
    • Forest Knoll Residence
      Photography: Mike Kelley
      HonoreeForest Knoll Residence
    • Brooklyn Townhouse
      Photography: Donna Dotan
      HonoreeBrooklyn Townhouse
  • Beach House

  • Country House

    • High Desert Retreat
      Photography: Joe Fletcher
      WinnerHigh Desert Retreat
    • Ski Retreat
      Photography: Shannon Dupre
      WinnerSki Retreat
    • Hudson Valley Residence
      Photography: Richard Barnes
      HonoreeAlloy Development and RR Interiors for Hudson Valley Residence
    • Ledge House
      Photography: Paul Warchol
      HonoreeLedge House
    • Private Residence
      Photography: Joshua McHugh
      HonoreePrivate Residence
  • Residential Transformation

    • Bracondale Hill Residence
      Photography: Younes Bounhar/Doublespace Photography
      WinnerBracondale Hill Residence
    • Fire Island House
      Photography: Albert Vecerka/Esto/Tria Giovan
      HonoreeFire Island House
    • Villa Bogenhausen
      Photography: Simon Burko & Tuulikki Jaeger
    • Albemarle Terrace
      Photography: Aaron Leitz
      HonoreeAlbemarle Terrace
  • Residential Landscape

  • Residential Sales Center/Model Apartment

    • Light of Time
      Photography: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
      WinnerLight of Time
    • CIFI Sales Center
      Photography: Fenfang Lu
      WinnerCIFI Sales Center
    • Poly Times Sales Center
      Photography: Shi Xiang Wan He
      WinnerPoly Times Sales Center
    • Sunac Qingyuan Heart Valley
      Photography: lephoto
      WinnerSunac Qingyuan Heart Valley
    • Junshan Cultural Center
      Photography: Pedro Pegenaute
      WinnerJunshan Cultural Center
    • Poly Galaxy Land K3
      Photography: Ming Chen
      WinnerPoly Galaxy Land K3
  • Kitchen + Bath

    • Private Spa
      Photography: Dimitar Gamizov
      WinnerPrivate Spa
    • Stratford Residence
      Photography: Casey Dunn
      HonoreeStratford Residence
    • Skyline Drive Residence
      Photography: Trevor Tondro
      HonoreeSkyline Drive Residence
    • Brooklyn Heights Brownstone
      Photography: Matthew Williams
      HonoreeBrooklyn Heights Brownstone
    • Montauk Residence
      Photography: Jessica Dalene Weber
      HonoreeMontauk Residence
  • Domestic Showroom

  • International Showroom/Tradeshow Booth

    • Signtone Marble, 2019 Guangzhou Design Week
      Photography: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
      WinnerSigntone Marble, 2019 Guangzhou Design Week
    • Virg Casa, 2019 China International Building Decoration Fair
      Photography: Zhe Zeng
      HonoreeVirg Casa, 2019 China International Building Decoration Fair
    • NIO House
      Photography: NIO
      HonoreeNIO House
    • J+ Art Space
      Photography: Qidiao Wu
      HonoreeJ+ Art Space
    • Sculptform
      Photography: Peter Bennetts
  • Large Fashion Retail

    • Louis Vuitton
      Photography: Manolo Yllera
      WinnerLouis Vuitton
    • Hub Shopping Center
      Photography: Szymon Polanski
      HonoreeHub Shopping Center
    • Jiamila
      Photography: Zhe Zeng
    • Conemoting Market
      Photography: Xiaoyun
      HonoreeConemoting Market
  • Small Fashion Retail

    • Bibilee
      Photography: Nie Xiaocong
    • Trongyee Boutique
      Photography: Ouyang Yun
      HonoreeTrongyee Boutique
    • Beautiful People
      Photography: Katsuhiro Aoki
      HonoreeBeautiful People
    • RTA
      Photography: Brandon Shigeta
    • Valextra
      Photography: Tian Fang Fang
  • Mixed Retail

    • Zhongshuge Lafayette
      Photography: Wu Qingshan
      WinnerZhongshuge Lafayette
    • Ecute Edition
      Photography: Fumio Araki
      HonoreeEcute Edition
    • Oppo Super Flagship
      Photography: OPPO
      HonoreeOppo Super Flagship
    • Huawei Global Flagship
      Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
      HonoreeHuawei Global Flagship
  • Environmental Branding + Graphics

    • 401 Park
      Photography: Connie Zhou
      Winner401 Park
    • Power10 Fitness
      Photography: Riley Snelling
      HonoreeDubbeldam Architecture + Design and Sali Tabacchi for Power10 Fitness
    • The Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology
      Photography: Benjamin Kou
      HonoreeThe Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology
    • Dreamland
      Photography: King Ou
    • Mini Cuppa Shanghai
      Photography: Concept+ Production
      HonoreeMini Cuppa Shanghai
  • Marketing + Branding Collateral

    • Toolkit for the Times
      WinnerToolkit for the Times
    • Anchovy Social
      Photography: Brand Bureau
      HonoreeAnchovy Social
    • Love Letters to New York City
      Photography: CetraRuddy Architecture
      HonoreeLove Letters to New York City
    • Yours Truly DC
      Photography: Nathan Kirkman
      HonoreeYours Truly DC
  • On the Boards: Commercial

    • Real Estate Headquarters
      Photography: Clive Wilkinson Architects
      WinnerClive Wilkinson Architects and Rojkind Arquitectos for Real Estate Headquarters
    • Terminal Warehouse
      Photography: CookFox Architects
      HonoreeTerminal Warehouse
    • Kunming House of Art & Culture
      Photography: Hariri & Hariri Architecture
      HonoreeKunming House of Art & Culture
    • Arrupe Hall, Saint Joseph’s University
      Photography: Moto Designshop
      HonoreeArrupe Hall, Saint Joseph’s University
    • 800 Fulton
      Photography: SOM
      Honoree800 Fulton
  • On the Boards: Residential

    • Casa Mas
      Photography: Doo Architecture
      WinnerCasa Mas
    • Chelsea Townhouse
      Photography: Andrea Steele Architecture/Lissoni NY
      HonoreeAndrea Steele Architecture and Lissoni New York for Chelsea Townhouse
    • Casa Horizonte
      Photography: De-Spec
      HonoreeCasa Horizonte
    • Saint Marks Place
      Photography: Grain London
      HonoreeSaint Marks Place
    • Senior Housing
      Photography: Messana O’Rorke
      HonoreeSenior Housing
    • Mr. C Residences
      Photography: Binyan Studios
      HonoreeMr. C Residences
  • Shining Moment