HiP Awards at NeoCon: Honoring Industry People and Products

HiP 2021 Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the eighth annual HiP Awards, honoring industry people and innovative products at NeoCon 2021, were announced Sunday in a ceremony hosted by Interior Design‘s editor in chief Cindy Allen. See the full list of winners and honorees below

  • Accessories

    • Willow
      Photography: Images provided by KFI Studios
      WinnerWillow by KFI Studios
    • Pointe Mobile Glassboard & Partition
      Photography: Ghent
      HonoreePointe Mobile Glassboard & Partition by Ghent
    • Parallel
      Photography: Hoyoung Lee and Justin Clemons
      HonoreeParallel by Loftwall
    • Tuf HP
      Photography: OE Electrics, Inc.
      HonoreeTuf HP by OE Electrics
    • Workwall
      Photography: The HON Company
      HonoreeWorkwall by The HON Company
  • Architectural Products

    • Stratawood
      Photography: Frasch
      WinnerStratawood by Frasch
    • Corotech Command
      Photography: Benjamin Moore
      HonoreeCorotech Command by Benjamin Moore
    • Palladium Patterns
      Photography: courtesy Inpro Corporation
      HonoreePalladium Patterns by Inpro
    • Expo
      Photography: Muraflex
      HonoreeExpo by Muraflex
    • ModularWallClad
      Photography: CARVART
      HonoreeModularWallClad by Carvart
  • Education/Government/Institution: Seating

  • Education/Government/Institutional: Furniture

  • Educational/Government/Institution: Flooring

    • BottleFloor
      Photography: Shaw Contract Creative Team
      WinnerBottleFloor by Shaw Contract
    • Theorem
      Photography: Armstrong Flooring
      HonoreeTheorem by Armstrong Flooring
    • Stargazing
      Photography: Interface, Inc.
      HonoreeStargazing by Interface
    • Linocut
      Photography: Courtesy of Patcraft
      HonoreeLinocut by Patcraft
  • Green Materials

    • Camira Knit
      Photography: Camira Fabrics
      WinnerCamira Knit by Camira Fabrics
    • Flek Pure
      Photography: 3form
      HonoreeFlek Pure by 3form
    • Color Pulse
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreeColor Pulse by Mohawk Group
    • Volar Bio
      Photography: Oli Douglas. Stylist: Despina Curtis
      HonoreeVolar Bio by Ultrafabrics
  • Health + Wellness: Fabrics + Textiles

    • Knowledge is Power, The Cryptology Collection
      Photography: Kristen Julianna Photography
      WinnerKnowledge is Power, The Cryptology Collection by Design Pool and LDI Interiors
    • Touch Collection
      Photography: Arc-Com
      HonoreeTouch Collection by Arc-Com
    • C.A.R.E. x  Stinson
      Photography: courtesy of CF Stinson, LLC
      HonoreeC.A.R.E. x Stinson by CF Stinson
    • Tekloom, Air Collection
      Photography: Concertex
      HonoreeTekloom, Air Collection by Concertex
    • Carousel
      Photography: Mayer Fabrics
      HonoreeCarousel by Mayer Fabrics
  • Health + Wellness: Flooring

    • Noraplan Linee
      Photography: Interface, Inc.
      WinnerNoraplan Linee by Interface
    • Legato Liquid Linoleum
      Photography: Mannington Commercial
      HonoreeLegato Liquid Linoleum by Mannington Commercial
    • Crossing Current
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreeCrossing Current by Mohawk Group
    • Reverse
      Photography: Courtesy of Patcraft
      HonoreeReverse by Patcraft
  • Health + Wellness: Furniture + Seating

    • Care Pod
      Photography: Carla Bostock
      WinnerCare Pod by SnapCab
    • Knack Recliner
      Photography: David Christensen
      HonoreeKnack Recliner by Carolina
    • Stray Stool
      Photography: David Christensen
      HonoreeStray Stool by Carolina
    • Leen
      Photography: Nelson Campana, Greg Middleton
      HonoreeLeen by Ergotech Solutions
  • Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles

    • Muse by VStarr
      Photography: Ryan Loco
      WinnerMuse by VStarr by Wolf-Gordon
    • Astral
      Photography: LauraJane Photography
      HonoreeAstral by Brentano
    • Wild Kingdom
      Photography: courtesy of CF Stinson, LLC
      HonoreeWild Kingdom by CF Stinson
    • UF Select
      Photography: Oli Douglas. Stylist: Despina Curtis
      HonoreeUF Select by Ultrafabrics
  • Hospitality: Flooring

    • Deconstructed Form
      Photography: Kristin Faye Photography
      WinnerDeconstructed Form by Patcraft
    • Patterns of Joburg
      Photography: Talk Carpet
      HonoreePatterns of Joburg by Talk Carpet
    • To Dye For
      Photography: Interface, Inc.
      HonoreeTo Dye For by Interface
    • Canopy Hospitality
      Photography: Shaw Contract Creative Team
      HonoreeCanopy Hospitality by Shaw Contract
  • Hospitality: Furniture + Seating

    • Draped
      Photography: TUOHY Furniture
      WinnerDraped by Tuohy Furniture
    • Liceo
      Photography: Andreu World
      HonoreeLiceo by Andreu World
    • Nuta Chair, Olivia Outdoor Collection
      Photography: copyright 2021 Beaufurn LLC
      HonoreeNuta Chair, Olivia Outdoor Collection by Beaufurn
    • Rally Collection
      Photography: JANUS et Cie
      HonoreeRally Collection by JANUS et Cie
  • Hospitality: Lounge Seating

  • Hospitality: Wall Covering

    • Andromeda
      Photography: LauraJane Photography
      WinnerAndromeda by Brentano
    • Classified, The Cryptology Collection
      Photography: Kristen Julianna Photography
      HonoreeClassified, The Cryptology Collection by Design Pool and Chroma Imaging
    • Curated Collection
      Photography: Laura Alandes
      HonoreeCurated Collection by Wolf-Gordon
  • Iconic Product

  • Lighting

    • Coil Collection Naturals
      Photography: Chris Bowden
      WinnerCoil Collection Naturals by LightArt
    • BuzziJet Standing
      Photography: Courtesy of BuzziSpace
      HonoreeBuzziJet Standing by BuzziSpace
    • Spoke
      Photography: Frasch
      HonoreeSpoke by Frasch
    • Talia
      Photography: Pablo Designs Studio
      HonoreeTalia by Pablo Designs
  • Materials

  • Outdoor Products

    • Mistral
      Photography: Gloster
      WinnerMistral by Gloster
    • Ambient Pebble
      Photography: Gloster
      HonoreeAmbient Pebble by Gloster
    • Northstar Mast
      Photography: TUUCI
      HonoreeNorthstar Mast by Tuuci
    • Cortina
      Photography: Allison Kausar, Via Seating
      HonoreeCortina by Via Seating
  • Outdoor Seating

  • Seating: Conference/Task

    • Linq
      Photography: provided by Davis Furniture
      WinnerLinq by Davis Furniture
    • Sola
      Photography: provided by Davis Furniture
      HonoreeSola by Davis Furniture
    • Muuna
      Photography: provided by RIM CZ
      HonoreeMuuna by RIM CZ
    • Click
      Photography: Stylex
      HonoreeClick by Stylex
  • Workplace: Acoustical Applications

  • Workplace: Bench/Stool

  • Workplace: Carpet

    • Data Tide
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      WinnerData Tide by Mohawk Group
    • Rising Signs
      Photography: Interface, Inc.
      HonoreeRising Signs by Interface
    • Dialogue
      Photography: Shaw Contract Creative Team
      HonoreeDialogue by Shaw Contract
    • Meta Firma Collection
      Photography: Tarkett
      HonoreeMeta Firma Collection by Tarkett
  • Workplace: Conference Table

  • Workplace: Credenza

    • Cloak and Compass
      Photography: The Rendering Company
      WinnerCloak and Compass by Decca Contract
    • Tempo
      Photography: Andreu World
      HonoreeTempo by Andreu World
    • Ascari
      Photography: provided by Nucraft
      HonoreeAscari by Nucraft
  • Workplace: Fabrics +Textiles

  • Workplace: Furniture Collection

    • Routes
      Photography: Courtesy of Teknion
      WinnerRoutes by Teknion
    • Epix
      Photography: Whitesweep – Andrew Peter Lusztyk, Renders – Oleksandr Shestakovych
      WinnerEpix by Keilhauer
    • Blend Mobile
      Photography: Dfm – Dependable Furniture Manufacturing
      HonoreeBlend Mobile by Dfm
    • Phlox
      Photography: Okamura
      HonoreePhlox by Okamura
  • Workplace: Furniture Systems

    • Free Address 2.0
      Photography: Stylex
      WinnerFree Address 2.0 by Stylex
    • Further A-Frame
      Photography: Allsteel
      HonoreeFurther A-Frame by Allsteel
    • Palette
      Photography: Innovant
      HonoreePalette by Innovant
    • Vox Hex
      Photography: Peter Lustyk
      HonoreeVox Hex by Nienkamper
  • Workplace: Guest Seating

    • Juli Collection
      Photography: Stefano do Monte (shots 103), Dean VanDis (shot 4)
      WinnerJuli Collection by Haworth
    • Mixu
      Photography: Courtesy of Arper (Images 1-3); Photo by Alga Studio (Image 4)
      HonoreeMixu by Arper
    • Tioga
      Photography: KFI Studios; Union Design
      HonoreeTioga by KFI Studios
    • Stamp
      Photography: Alejandro Valdes
      HonoreeStamp by Segis
  • Workplace: Hard Flooring

    • Terra™
      Photography: Armstrong Flooring
      WinnerTerra™ by Armstrong Flooring
    • Norament Kivo™
      Photography: Interface, Inc.
      HonoreeNorament Kivo™ by Interface
    • Large & Local Reforestation
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreeLarge & Local Reforestation by Mohawk Group
    • BottleFloor
      Photography: Shaw Contract Creative Team
      HonoreeBottleFloor by Shaw Contract
  • Workplace: High Back Seating

    • Buddyhub
      Photography: Andrea Garuti
      WinnerBuddyhub by Pedrali
    • TooAPicnic
      Photography: Arcadia
      HonoreeTooAPicnic by Arcadia
    • Quad
      Photography: n/a
      HonoreeQuad by Davis Furniture
    • Adapt
      Photography: Photos courtesy Hightower
      HonoreeAdapt by Hightower
  • Workplace: Lounge Seating

  • Workplace: Modular Seating

    • Giro Soft 2+3
      Photography: Andreu World
      WinnerGiro Soft 2+3 by Andreu World
    • Jetty:Mod
      Photography: Allsteel
      HonoreeJetty:Mod by Allsteel
    • BuzziCee
      Photography: Courtesy of BuzziSpace
      HonoreeBuzziCee by BuzziSpace
    • Hex
      Photography: David Christensen
      HonoreeHex by OFS
  • Workplace: Partitions & Wall Systems

  • Workplace: Pods

    • Work Tents Collection
      Photography: Steelcase
      WinnerWork Tents Collection by Steelcase
    • BuzziBooth
      Photography: Courtesy of BuzziSpace
      HonoreeBuzziBooth by BuzziSpace
    • One
      Photography: Courtesy of Framery
      HonoreeOne by Framery
    • Office Pod Collection
      Photography: Carla Bostock
      HonoreeOffice Pod Collection by SnapCab
  • Workplace: Storage System

    • Infinito Wall
      Photography: Cassina (shots 1-2), LeeAnn Cobb (shots 3-4)
      WinnerInfinito Wall by Haworth
    • Acoustic Lockers
      Photography: Hollman, Inc.
      HonoreeAcoustic Lockers by Hollman
    • Flex Active Frames
      Photography: Steelcase
      HonoreeFlex Active Frames by Steelcase
  • Workplace: Work Table

  • HiP For Greater Good

  • HiP Leader: Architecture

  • HiP Leader: Health + Wellness

  • HiP Leader: Hospitality

  • HiP Leader: Workplace

  • HiP Product Designer

  • HiP Rising Star: Health + Wellness

    • Mary Kate Cassidy
      WinnerMary Kate Cassidy, HOK
    • Sarah Kleber
      HonoreeSarah Kleber, HKS
  • HiP Rising Star: Hospitality

  • HiP Rising Star

  • HiP Rising Star: Workplace

    • Michael Garcia
      HonoreeMichael Garcia, MKDA
    • Jonas Gabbai
      HonoreeJonas Gabbai, Gensler
  • Lifetime of HiPness: Workplace

    • Bill Bouchey
      WinnerBill Bouchey, HOK
  • Lifetime of HiPness: Graphics + Branding

  • HiP Leader

  • HiP Marketer

  • Lifetime of HiPness

  • HiP for Greater Good

  • HiP Rising Star: Workplace

    • Michael Garcia
      HonoreeMichael Garcia, MKDA
    • Jonas Gabbai
      HonoreeJonas Gabbai, Gensler