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HiP Award Winners 2022

See the winners and honorees of Interior Design‘s 2022 HiP Awards!

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  • Accessories

    • Bonh Planters
      Photography: Davis Furniture
      WinnerBonh Planters by Davis Furniture
    • Qikpac Carry
      Photography: OE Electrics
      HonoreeQikpac Carry by OE Electrics
    • Edit
      Photography: Jonas Lindstršm Studio
      HonoreeEdit by Mizetto
    • Vaask Sanitizer
      Photography: Courtesy of Vaask
      HonoreeVaask Sanitizer by Vaask
    • BuzziCocoon
      Photography: BuzziSpace
      HonoreeBuzziCocoon by BuzziSpace
  • Architectural Products

  • Education/Government/Institutional: Flooring

    • Colour & Texture Fusion
      Photography: Courtesy of Patcraft
      WinnerColour & Texture Fusion by Patcraft
    • Color at Work II
      Photography: Shaw Contract
      HonoreeColor at Work II by Shaw Contract
    • Timeless Tailored
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreeTimeless Tailored by Mohawk Group
    • Night Lights
      Photography: Interface
      HonoreeNight Lights by Interface
  • Education/Government/Institutional: Furniture & Seating

    • Kuvi
      Photography: Jennifer Cheung Steven Nilsson Photography
      WinnerKuvi by Encore
    • Ruckus
      HonoreeRuckus by KI
    • Tenor
      Photography: Steelcase
      HonoreeTenor by Steelcase Learning
    • Plot Twist
      Photography: Courtesy of OM Seating
      HonoreePlot Twist by OM Seating
  • Health & Wellness: Fabric & Wall Covering

    • Charley Harper Beguiled in the Wild
      Photography: Designtex
      WinnerCharley Harper Beguiled in the Wild by Designtex
    • C.A.R.E. X Stinson Too!
      Photography: © 2022 CF Stinson LLC
      HonoreeC.A.R.E. X Stinson Too! by C.F. Stinson, LLC
    • Elemental Collection
      Photography: Concertex
      HonoreeElemental Collection by Concertex
    • Invisible Threads
      Photography: Jennifer Bakos Photography
      HonoreeInvisible Threads by Design Pool
    • Fanfare
      Photography: Mayer Fabrics
      HonoreeFanfare by Mayer Fabrics
  • Health & Wellness: Flooring

    • Desert Scapes
      Photography: Interface
      WinnerDesert Scapes by Interface
    • Asana Heterogeneous Sheet
      Photography: Armstrong Flooring
      HonoreeAsana Heterogeneous Sheet by Armstrong Flooring
    • Within
      Photography: Courtesy of Patcraft
      HonoreeWithin by Patcraft
    • Fractal Fluency
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreeFractal Fluency by Mohawk Group
  • Health & Wellness: Furniture & Seating

  • Hospitality: Fabric & Textiles

    • Chromalis
      Photography: Courtesy of Wolf-Gordon
      WinnerChromalis by Wolf-Gordon
    • Aura Collection
      Photography: LauraJane Photography
      HonoreeAura Collection by Brentano
    • Cirque Collection
      Photography: Courtesy of Pallas Textiles
      HonoreeCirque Collection by Pallas Textiles
    • Glyph Collection
      Photography: Arc-Com
      HonoreeGlyph Collection by Arc-Com
  • Hospitality: Flooring

    • Shaw Contract x West Elm Collection
      Photography: Shaw Contract
      WinnerShaw Contract x West Elm Collection by Shaw Contract
    • Heavy Metal
      Photography: FLOR
      HonoreeHeavy Metal by FLOR
    • Parterre Connectivity
      Photography: AHF Products
      HonoreeParterre Connectivity by AHF Products
    • Painted Perspectives
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      HonoreePainted Perspectives by Mohawk Group
  • Hospitality: Seating

  • Hospitality: Wall Covering

  • Iconic Products

    • Street Thread
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      WinnerStreet Thread by Mohawk Group
    • C9
      Photography: Watson Furniture
      HonoreeC9 by Watson Furniture
    • Ester
      Photography: Courtesy of Pedrali
      HonoreeEster by Pedrali
    • Deconstructed Metal
      Photography: Courtesy of Patcraft
      HonoreeDeconstructed Metal by Patcraft
  • Lighting

  • Materials

  • Outdoor Furniture Collection

  • Outdoor Products

    • Garden Shower
      Photography: Gloster
      WinnerGarden Shower by Gloster
    • Ocean Master Mega Max
      Photography: TUUCI
      HonoreeOcean Master Mega Max by TUUCI
    • Hush
      Photography: Oli Douglas
      HonoreeHush by Ultrafabrics
    • Biobases Xorel Outdoor
      Photography: James Ransom
      HonoreeBiobases Xorel Outdoor by Carnegie
  • Outdoor Seating

  • Product Reissues

  • Workplace: Bench & Stool

  • Workplace: Carpet

    • Social Canvas
      Photography: Mohawk Group
      WinnerSocial Canvas by Mohawk Group
    • On Neutral Ground
      Photography: Kristin Faye Photography
      HonoreeOn Neutral Ground by Patcraft
    • Beaumont Range
      Photography: Interface
      HonoreeBeaumont Range by Interface
  • Workplace: Conference Seating

  • Workplace: Conference Tables

  • Workplace: Fabric & Wall Covering

  • Workplace: Furniture Collection

  • Workplace: Furniture Systems

  • Workplace: Guest Seating

    • Guest Seating: Melete
      Photography: Oleksandr Shestakovych
      WinnerGuest Seating: Melete by Keilhauer
    • Guest Seating Upholstered: Rizo
      Photography: Andreu World
      WinnerGuest Seating Upholstered: Rizo by Andreu World
    • Goldi
      Photography: Brandon Titaro
      HonoreeGoldi by Division Twelve
    • Ludina
      Photography: Cappellini
      HonoreeLudina by Haworth, Inc.
    • Kitsy
      Photography: Jennifer Cheung Steven Nilsson Photography
      HonoreeKitsy by Encore
  • Workplace: Hard Flooring

    • Unite II
      Photography: Shaw Contract
      WinnerUnite II by Shaw Contract
    • Open Range Collection
      Photography: Mannington Commercial
      HonoreeOpen Range Collection by Mannington Commercial
    • Earthen
      Photography: Kristin Faye Photography
      HonoreeEarthen by Patcraft
    • Fresco Valley
      Photography: Interface
      HonoreeFresco Valley by Interface
  • Workplace: Lounge Seating

  • Workplace: Partitions

    • Geo Collection
      Photography: Ghent
      WinnerGeo Collection by Ghent
    • eBEAM
      Photography: SitOnIt Seating
      HonoreeeBEAM by SitOnIt Seating
    • Kaleid
      Photography: David Christensen
      HonoreeKaleid by OFS
    • HushWall
      Photography: Hushoffice
      HonoreeHushWall by Hushoffice
    • Buffer
      Photography: KEM STUDIO
      HonoreeBuffer by Loftwall
  • Workplace: Pods & Wall Systems

    • Nature
      Photography: KLEIN
      WinnerNature by KLEIN USA
    • Meet 2
      Photography: Carla Bostock
      HonoreeMeet 2 by SnapCab
    • Work
      Photography: Carla Bostock
      HonoreeWork by SnapCab
    • Zitto
      Photography: Muraflex
      HonoreeZitto by Muraflex
  • Workplace: Side Tables

    • Umo
      Photography: Stylex
      WinnerUmo by Stylex
    • Ribbon Occasional Collection
      Photography: The Rendering Company & Jonathan Allen
      HonoreeRibbon Occasional Collection by Decca Contract
    • Triada
      Photography: Andreu World
      HonoreeTriada by Andreu World
    • Reverse TP
      Photography: Andreu World
      HonoreeReverse TP by Andreu World
  • Workplace: Storage

    • Understand
      Photography: Jonas Lindstršm Studio
      WinnerUnderstand by Mizetto
    • Vox Outline
      Photography: Peter Luztyk
      HonoreeVox Outline by Nienkämper
    • Bamboo
      Photography: Frovi
      HonoreeBamboo by Frovi
    • Framed
      Photography: Courtesy of The Senator Group
      HonoreeFramed by The Senator Group
    • Flow Activity Wall
      Photography: Magda Biernat
      HonoreeFlow Activity Wall by Nucraft
  • Workplace: Task Seating

    • Karman
      Photography: Steelcase
      WinnerKarman by Steelcase
    • Jade
      Photography: Courtesy of KFI Studios
      HonoreeJade by KFI Studios
    • Hag SoFi
      Photography: 9to5 Seating
      HonoreeHag SoFi by 9to5 Seating
    • Hexy
      Photography: SitOnIt Seating
      HonoreeHexy by SitOnIt Seating
    • Indeed
      Photography: Courtesy of Dauphin
      HonoreeIndeed by Dauphin
  • HiP for Greater Good

  • HiP Hospitality Leader

  • HiP Health + Wellness Leader

  • HiP Workplace Leader

  • HiP Designer Rising Star

  • HiP Rising Star for Sustainability

  • HiP Product Designer

  • HiP Flooring Leader

  • HiP Leader: Furniture

    • Maria VanDeman
      WinnerMaria VanDeman, OFS
  • HiP Manufacturer Rising Star

  • Lifetime of HiPness

  • Lifetime of Innovation

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