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Ginger Gee DiFurio



Job Title

Vice President, Studio Design Director

HiP Awards 2024 Ginger Gee DiFurio

Photography by Kurt Griesbach.

Ginger Gee DiFurio, Vice President and Studio Design Director of Corgan’s Aviation Studio, has designed and executed more than fifty award-winning aviation terminals and club lounges at some of the most traveled airports throughout the world — from Shanghai Pudong and Abu Dhabi to New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and beyond. With a career spanning 25 years, Ginger is instrumental in expanding Corgan’s presence in the aviation industry, designing high profile interior architecture while developing design strategies to create efficient and effective airport operations, ultimately elevating the passenger experience. Truly a creative visionary, Ginger leads her design teams from the macro level of conceptualizing and schematic design phases to the programming, coordination, documentation, and construction phases. Ginger’s brilliance shines through in her innate ability to balance functionality with aesthetics to deliver terminals and luxurious hospitality-forward airport club lounges throughout North America and she has won international design competitions for airports including Shanghai Pudong (PVG) and O’Hara International Airports. “Airport design is about creating an experiential travel destination —immersing passengers in the local culture, traditions, and history through placemaking, hospitality, and entertainment,” says Ginger. Her most notable club clients include Airport Dimensions, Delta Sky Club, American Airlines Admiral Clubs, American Express Centurion Lounges, and most recently, a national rollout for twelve premier Chase Sapphire Lounges for JP Morgan Chase. Her visionary innovative design rings with authenticity: an elegant, amenity-rich lounge at LaGuardia with a vintage game room; a tavern-inspired taproom at Boston Logan; and a shimmering gold hideaway steeped in southern charm at Charlotte Douglass International airport. Breaking boundaries in airport design with immersive experiences that defy expectations, Ginger’s leadership and influence permeate Corgan’s culture as she mentors and empowers her team to create an extraordinary passenger experience, ushering in an exciting new era of 21st century modern air travel.

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