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Mary Jo Miller


HBF Textiles

Job Title

Vice President, Design and Creative Director

HiP Awards 2024 Mary Jo Miller

Photography by Pippa Drummond.

Mary Jo Miller has been the creative visionary behind HBF Textiles for over thirty years. In 1989, she joined the two-year old company with a Masters in printmaking and drawing from Washington University at St Louis, four years experience as a Librarian for HOK and VOA and two years as a Creative Consultant to Interface Carpet. During her tenure, Miller has led the development of award-winning collections and has been responsible for translating the works of interior designers, architects and industrial designers into the textile medium (1500+). Her own collections are experiments with color, texture and graphics and represent some of HBF Textiles best sellers. Mary Jo prides herself on fostering creative ideas and championing for women in the industry, giving them an opportunity to design and a platform for their unique, creative voices. She is known by the industry as a pioneer in innovation, scouring the world to find specialized mills who can bring her visions to life. She has put her experiences and whole heart into every collection and has been the ultimate mentor for the HBF Textiles’ team and up-and-coming designers in the industry. In her own words: “As I look at the stable of talent that willingly, giddily designed collections with us, I am blown away by the talent and faith that they extended to us. Why would so many take the plunge, you ask? Because we are committed to represent, in the purest form, the intent of the artist. If you dilute the message, you remove the soul.” 2024 will mark Mary Jo Miller’s final NeoCon as she will retire as Vice President Design and Creative Direction for HBF Textiles. Her talent, inspiration, presence and her giant heart will be cherished and missed by all who have had the good fortune to work with her.

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