May 22, 2020

10 Adaptable and Artful HiP Product Winners from 2019

The HiP Awards, which honors innovative members of the A&D community and inventive products, is going digital for its seventh annual iteration. With the deadline to apply for the 2020 Awards fast approaching on May 27, we’re looking back at 10 of last year’s product winners.

Workplace: Training Tables/Desking

Nest System by Hightower

Designed to be highly adaptable in order to make meetings and gatherings more engaging and productive, Nest System Tables work with a locking, tubular solution which allows for constant reconfiguration to work in any space.


Tile by Pablo Designs

An unassuming yet modern lighting product, Tile by Pablo Designs is not your ordinary lamp. Its refined design makes it adaptable to any desk that needs a pop of light and an elevated surface to separate supplies (or display tchotchkes). 

Workplace: Furniture

Woodstock Sit/Stand™ by Three H

Designed by Mark Mühler, the simple look of this storage unit belies its complex design. Modern and original, its dynamic and tailored aesthetic adds a functional element to any space.


Paravan Mood by Arper

The Paravan Mood accessories collection by Arper is a suite of desk products that conveniently adds personality to organization. The system of modular panels can be arranged in custom ways to create simple quadrants or sleek curvatures.

Workplace: Bench 

Heartbeat by Nienkämper

Simple, custom, and totally unique, Heartbeat is a reconfigurable bench comprised of three sitting elements: Straight, Concave, and Convex. Its design emphasizes conversation—sharing a “heart to heart”— while being a comfortable and supportive seating option. 

Workplace: Acoustical Applications

Xorel Artform Baffles by Carnegie

The suspended, mounted, or tiled panels from Carnegie’s Xorel Artform line are highly effective sound absorbers that even reduce echo. Offered in 16 different shapes with over 300 colored and patterned textiles to select from, there is no difference between a bold accessory and innovative technology. 

Educational/Government/Institutional: Flooring

Color Thesis by Milliken

Featuring two patterns within one color story, Color Thesis is an artistic set of modular insert rugs. The possibility of combinations and arrangements are endless as the collection is completely customizable. 

Hospitality: Flooring

ID Mixonomi by Tarkett

Offered in a variety of bold, geographic colors and patterns, this modular vinyl tile flooring collection was designed for architects and designers. Made custom, the ID Mixonomi collection offers an artful solution to tie any room together from the ground up. 


Louis by Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering

This wallcovering features 30 emotive words, including “courage” and “empathy,” that represent the best of humanity—all written in Braille. Named in honor of the man who developed this writing system, Louis is both a visually intriguing and symbolically important 2019 winner.

Workplace: Tables

Freehand by Studio TK (Low Table)

Designed by the London-based studio PearsonLloyd, an artist’s free-flowing pencil was the inspiration behind this table collection. Though none of the tables is perfectly symmetrical, each piece fits together to create geometric forms. 

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