April 24, 2017

100 Creatives Rethink the Paperweight for Fisher Parrish’s Inaugural Show

Paperweights have been rendered somewhat obsolete by the modern tech-driven office. But to Zoe Fisher and Patrick Parrish, co-founders of Brooklyn-based Fisher Parrish Gallery, paperweights present an opportunity to unite the duo’s ever-expanding network of artists and designers. That logic culminated in Fisher Parrish’s inaugural exhibition, “The Paperweight Show.”

Image courtesy of Fisher Parrish Gallery.

The exhibit showcases original paperweights by over 100 emerging and established artists and designers, who were briefed to design an object no bigger than a six-inch cube. “I’m interested in objects whose function can be ascribed to it with one simple action,” says Fisher, who doubles as gallery director for Patrick Parrish Gallery in TriBeCa. “When an artist or designer is invited to produce an object like this, the options are limitless!”

Image courtesy of Fisher Parrish Gallery.

Participating artists include design heavy-hitters such as Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, whose mixed-metal Up & Around & Down resembles a contoured lightbulb, and emerging designers such as Visibility, who contributed Refillable Paperweight in 3-D printed plastic. All paperweights are for sale and will be on view at Fisher Parrish’s location at 238 Wilson Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn until June 4. View the slideshow to see highlights from the show.

Installation stills of #ThePaperWeightShow online now at www.fisherparrish.com ! By @ucantalwaysgetwhatuwant

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