September 27, 2016

13 Art Exhibits to See This Fall in NYC

Our selection of art and design exhibitions in and around New York City

1. Artist: Pipilotti Rist.
New Museum
Pixel Forest.
October 26 – January 8, 2017.
For the first comprehensive New York survey of the Swiss artist, works will fill three floors of the museum, ranging from 1980s single-channel videos that explore representations of the female body to contemporary cinematic installations.

2. Artist: Nancy Cohen.
GalleryUrbanGlass’s Agnes Varis Art Center. 
Exhibition: Hackensack Dreaming.
Dates: Through November 5.
Inspired by the wetlands of the Hackensack River, this site-specific installation weaves together large sheets of hand-made abaca paper with kiln-heated glass recomposed from discarded windows and old bottles found by the artist.

3. Artist: Stan Squirewell.
Gallery: Art in FLUX
Exhibition: The Alchemist.
Dates: Through November 9.
Drawing on influences as varied as sacred geometry, science fiction novels, and Atari video games, the artist’s newest collages are set on wooden frames that have been ceremoniously burned. 

4. GalleryChristie’s
Exhibition: Opulence and Living with Art.
Dates: October 6 – 9 (Opulence) and October 8 – 13 (Living with Art).
Designer Kirill Istomin will create a pair of vignettes, one inspired by legendary design firm Parish-Hadley and the other by Cecil Beaton’s suite at the St. Regis, mixing auction items from centuries past with contemporary touches.

5. Artist: Richard Long.
Gallery: Judd Foundation
Exhibition: Richard Long.
Dates: October 1 – December 17.
Two monumental terracotta works by the celebrated British artist will be accompanied by selections from Donald Judd’s archives on the ground floor of the 19th-century building where Judd lived and worked until his death in 1994.

6. Artist: Tahiti Pehrson.
Gallery: Art at Viacom (at 1515 Broadway). 
Exhibition: The Journey of Light.
Dates: Through November 22.
Geometric patterns were meticulously hand-cut into cotton rag paper using 11,083 X-Acto blades for three installations that reflect on the human life cycle, influenced by the declining health of the artist’s father and the vitality of his young daughter.

7. Gallery: R & Company
Exhibition: Lapo Binazzi.
Dates: September 27 – November 3.
Dozens of works by the Italian designer span four decades, from knife-shape table lamps in walnut and colored Plexiglas to a varnished polyurethane installation, used in happenings, resembling giant blocks of cheddar cheese.

Exhibition: Blue Heaven.
Dates: September 27 – November 3.
Alongside Lapo Binazzi, designer Tony Ingrao curated an exhibition where the walls and floor have been painted Yves Klein Blue to create an immersive environment for pieces, including glass sculptures by Jeff Zimmerman and a cardboard armchair by Frank Gehry. 

8. Gallery: Timothy Taylor 16×34
Exhibition: Architecture of Color: The Legacy of Luis Barragán.
Dates: Through November 19.
For the gallery’s inaugural show, which includes sketches and furniture by Barragán, as well as work by Dan Flavin, Sheila Hicks, and others, a wall was painted pink and bright vinyl gels were applied to the windows in the late architect’s honor.

9. Artist: Ree Morton.
Gallery: Alexander and Bonin
Exhibition: Something in the Wind.
Dates: October 15 – December 22.
One of three exhibitions at a new space by Bade Stageberg Cox, works from this feminist artist include an installation of colorful hand-sewn flags originally rigged to a schooner in the South Street Seaport in 1975, two years before her death at age 41.

10. Museum: Museum of Modern Art
Exhibition: How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior.
Dates: October 1 – April 23, 2017.
Exploring collaborative partnerships and processes that have shaped the modern interior, with a special focus on designers’ own living spaces, hundreds of objects from the 1920s to the 1950s are on display.

11. Artist: Betty Woodman.
Gallery: Greenwood Gardens
Exhibition: In the Garden.
Dates: Through November 15.
Six hand-painted bronze benches, created over the last seventeen years by the contemporary ceramic artist, are situated amongst terraces, ornamental trees, and moss-covered paths at this 28-acre garden.

12. Artist: Mitch Epstein. 
Gallery: Yancey Richardson Gallery.
Exhibition: Rocks and Clouds.
Dates: Through October 22.  
For the 12 large-format black-and-white photographs, Epstein consulted the nine weather apps on his iPhone to help determine the cloud activity on a given day, then shot with his 8-by-10 field camera in the city’s five boroughs and beyond. Read more about Epstein’s exhibition here.

13. Museum: Museum of the City of New York.
Exhibition: Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York.
Dates: October 7 – February 26, 2017.
Exhibition design by Joel Sanders Architect, from purple-painted walls to a translucent scrim printed with a map of Greenwich Village, gives spatial expression to artwork and ephemera that embodies queer life in 20th-century New York City.

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