January 5, 2015

13 Otherworldly Furnishings and Accessories Light Up 2015


We’re over the moon for all things otherworldly…

1. Gaël Wuithier’s Apollo 8 Command Module 850 pendants in beech with stainless-steel support cables by Woodlabo.

2. Selab’s Neon Art wall art by Seletti. Star Struck in polyester-cotton in Tabloid by KnollTextiles.

3. Death Star chandelier with aluminum canopy, bronze-finished brass arms, and slip-cast porcelain globes with hand-applied cobalt, iron, and chrome washes by Andrea Claire Studio.

4. LunarRock sculptural object in hand-blown glass by Abby Modell Contemporary Art Glass. David Nosanchuk’s Inbetween digitally printed wallpaper in Nolar by Flavor Paper.

5. Alex Rasmussen’s Breakers salvers in anodized aluminum by David Weeks Studio. Lori Weitzner’s Silica wall covering in calcium carbonate with paper backing in sapphire by Weitzner Limited.

6. Toni Clariana’s Nura LED modular pendants in powdercoated aluminum by Carpyen.

7. Urbem pendants in glass with brass chains by Christopher Jenner.

8. Censer incense burner in porcelain and waxed brass with leather bottom by Apparatus. Hudson polyester-nylon in Downing by KnollTextiles.

9. Susan Bleckner-Heller’s Layered vessel in stoneware and oxide pigment by Cocobolo Design. Nick Cope and Rachel Moser’s Night wallpaper in slate by Calico.

10. Selab and Alessandro Zambelli’s My Spaceship sculptural object in gold-plated porcelain by Seletti. Abacus polyester by Maharam. Mandy Shanahan’s Ink Splotch art in resin, fiberglass, and bronze powder by Phillips Collection.

11. Matt Heide’s Octavia bowls in concrete and mineral pigment with Lucky Cat Wax finish by Concrete Cat. Disperse recycled polyester in ember by Maharam.

12. Chen Chen & Kai Williams’s Moonmilk Vessel 5 in dripped cement at The Future Perfect. Lori Weitzner’s Panorama wall covering of mulberry cotton paper in flame by Weitzner Limited.

13. Victor Vasarely’s Vasarely Vega paperweight in glass by Arteum. Milton Glaser’s Dot Matrix hand-screened wallpaper in royal on bright gold by Flavor Paper.

Edited by Rebecca Thienes. Text by Athena Waligore. Photography by Paul Godwin.

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