December 19, 2018

14 Emerging Designers You Need to Know

Discover the next wave of up-and-comers. We champion talent in all forms at Interior Design, whether the work is by a venerable firm or a recent graduate. We’ve scoured the globe to unearth the bright, young(ish) things shaping contemporary design today.

Adam Frampton, 38, and Karolina Czeczek, 32

Firm: Only If Architecture

Location: New York, New York

Husband-and-wife Adam Frampton and Karolina Czeczek are the principals of Only If Architecture.

Read more: Only If Architecture Redefines the Coffee House at City of Saints Coffee Roasters Bryant Park Cafe

Marta Urtasun, 32, and Pedro Rica, 30

Firm: Mecanismo

Location: Madrid, Spain

Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica are the founders of Mecanismo.

Read more: Mecanismo’s Minimalist Vision for Akelarre Hotel in San Sebastián Relies on Spanish Materials

Pallavi Dean, 37

Firm: Roar

Location: Dubai, UAE

Pallavi Dean is the founder of Roar.

Read more: Roar’s Pallavi Dean Uses Color Psychology to Define Work Spaces at Edelman’s Dubai Offices

Charlotte Kidger, 26

Firm: Charlotte Kidger

Location: London, UK

Charlotte Kidger is an artist who uses secondary raw materials to create new materials and objects.

Read more: Charlotte Kidger Recycles Polyurethane Dust and Colored Resin to Create Industrial Craft Line

Edward Tan, 31, and Foo Chit Kyan, 40

Firm: Spacemen

Location: Shanghai, China

Edward Tan and Foo Chit Kyan are the co-founders of Spacemen.

Read more: Spacemen Duo Goes Bold and Experiential with Landmarked Shanghai Eatery Icha Chateau

Yuko Nishikawa, 42

Firm: Yuko Nishikawa

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Before establishing her eponymous art-and-object studio this year, Yuko Nishikawa dabbled in interiors.

Read more: Brooklyn-Based Yuko Nishikawa Dreams Up a Ceramic Chandelier Called You See A Sheep

Volodymyr Mints, 27

Firm: Volodymyr Mints

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Feeling creatively stymied after getting his start at some of his country’s top firms, Ukrainian designer Volodymyr Mints decided to open his own eponymous studio last year.

Read more: Kiev-Based Volodymyr Mints Channels Nazca Geoglyphs for Lima Restaurant Concept 

Liz West, 33

Firm: Liz West

Location: United Kingdom

Liz West’s broad body of work encompasses wall-based artwork, sculpture, and site-specific installations.

Read more: Liz West’s Colour Transfer Installation Creates a Prism Wall Near London’s Paddington Station

Lim Seungmo, 35, and Hong Jong Hwa, 38

Firms: Cornerz, SML

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Lim Seungmo is the principal of SML and Hong Jong Hwa is the director of the Cornerz.

Read more: Cornerz’ Hong Jong Hwa and SML’s Lim Seungmo Collaborate on Punggi Ginseng Cooperative 

Leah Ring, 32

Firm: Another Human

Location: Los Angeles

Leah Ring is the founder of Another Human.

Read more: Leah Ring’s Another Human Studio Elevates Everyday Materials with Touches of Whimsy

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