September 13, 2020

15 Furnishing Highlights From Virtual Maison&Objet and Paris Design Week

The show must go on, and so it does in Paris this week. With a multimedia undertaking on an impressive scale and 26 virtual talks from industry professionals, Maison&Objet holds its first digital furnishings fair (running September 4-18), in conjunction with a socially-distanced Paris Design Week (running September 3-12) packed with exhibitions taking place across the French capital.

“We all need to be flexible and we all need to have different tools,” says Maison&Objet managing director Philippe Brocart. “Our two objectives are to help and highlight the young generation of designers and create a digital opportunity to discover the brands’ new collections.”

From a rug that asks you to walk through a whimsical fantasy garden to a sculptural vase that looks like a morel to a lamp that hovers in the dark like an angel’s halo, here are 15 of our favorite finds from both events.

1. Jardin de Rocaille rug collection by Clement Vuillier for Maison Dada 

Photography courtesy of Maison Dada.

Pass your feet through a whimsical fantasy garden decorated with leaves, flowers, rocks, and berries illuminated by rays of sunlight with the Jardin de Rocaille rug collection by Clement Vuillier for Maison Dada. The wool and silk collection taken from the artist’s illustrations and available in two styles of manual-tufted rugs, made its debut in “Botanica,” an exhibition dedicated to imaginary natural landscapes on view during Paris Design Week. 

2. “Allégories” by Pierre Gonalons at Hôtel de Soubise

Photography by Mattia Tonelli/courtesy of Paradisoterrestre.

Métaphores fabrics gave a new look to furnishings by Pierre Gonalons for Paradisoterrestre in an exhibition at the Hôtel de Soubise. The All Around sofas shown here, are upholstered in Spuma fabric.

3. Baladi Tutti Multi light by La Maison Dar Dar

Photography courtesy of La Maison Dar Dar.

A collection of limited-edition, handmade pendant or table lamps, the Baladi Tutti Multi cluster light by La Maison Dar Dar is made of mouth-blown recycled glass. Each piece is unique, with six sizes available in 12 colors that can be mixed and matched.

4. S-serie Shell Big lounge chair by Mark-Metchanun Suebsilpong for Kenkoon

Photography courtesy of Kenkoon.

A fresh take on the geometry of the lounge chair, the wood S-serie Shell Big lounge chair by Mark-Metchanun Suebsilpong for Kenkoon is handmade and available as part of a limited-edition collection. 

5. Verso furniture collection by david/nicolas for Maison Pierre Frey

Photography courtesy of Maison Pierre.

The art of travel and transatlantic liners of the past gave rise to Verso by david/nicolas for Maison Pierre Frey. On September 11, as part of the Maison & Objet speaker series, the design studio discussed the making of the solid oak and mohair seating collection, which is available in three configurations. 

6. Large Swan and Medium Shell vases by Malene Knudsen for “1000 Vases”

Photography courtesy of Malene Knudsen.

Ceramic vessels of all shapes and sizes earned tribute once again in the repeating exhibition series “1000 Vases,” held during Paris Design Week at Galerie Joseph. The matte surfaces of the one-of-a-kind Large Swan and Medium Shell vases by Malene Knudsen are rough and unglazed. 

7. Morel vase by Sofia Tufvasson for “1000 Vases”

Photography courtesy of Sofia Tufvasson.

Also from “1000 Vases,” Morel by Sofia Tufvasson, with its seemingly soft and billowy surface, is a study on the distinctly shaped tasty fungi prized in gourmet cooking. 

8. Halo lamp by Maarten De Ceulaer for Valerie Objects

Photography courtesy of Valerie Objects.

Just the rounded edges light up, halo-like, on Halo by Maarten De Ceulaer for Valerie Objects. The result of a study, which included sandblasting and examination of glass’s optic qualities, on blocks of solid glass and LEDs, the lamp appears to float in a dark room. 

9. Isla outdoor collection by Sebastian Herkner for GAN

Photography courtesy of GAN.

GAN, known for its rugs, plunges into the outdoor furnishings market with the Isla outdoor collection by Sebastian Herkner. Seven soft colors characterize three different upholstered seating modules with powder-coated aluminum frames, all with engrained flexibility for adjustable poolside flare. The collection also includes three side- and coffee-tables in various sizes. 

10. Ema by Anne Krieg and Elsa Bardout

Photography courtesy of Anne Krieg.

Crafted from black sandstone, Ema by Anne Krieg and Elsa Bardout is a series of handmade, limited-edition teapots and jugs fabricated from Krieg’s studio in Toulouse. Despite the refined impression, the pieces are intended for everyday use. 

11. Sphere Hexa vase by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen

Photography courtesy of 101 Copenhagen.

With a shape derived from ancient Chinese vases and hues of faded earth tones, the Sphere Hexa vase by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen has quiet yet memorable impact. Each vase, etched in ornate detailing, is unique. 

12. Chumbe Collection by Mae Engelgeer for Ames

Photography courtesy of Ames.

Designer Mae Engelgeer examined traditional Colombian garments—specifically the Chumbe Inga—to conceive the Chumbe collection for Ames. Like all of Ames’ products, the collection of cotton, natural fiber, and fine metallic yarn hand-woven cushions are produced in family-owned workshops, using traditional methods. 

13. The 2020 Collection by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti Studio for Minotti

Photography courtesy of Minotti.

As part of Paris Design Week, Minotti finally unveiled its delayed 2020 Collection at its Silvera Bac and Silvera Saint-Germain showrooms. Shown here is the Connery sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Daiki armchair by Marcio Kogan. 

14. Halo table lamp by Buzao for Savannah Bay Gallery

Photography courtesy of Savannah Bay Gallery.

A laminated dichroic glass table lamp in gradient hues stood out in the exhibit  “At Home with a Connoisseur,” a Paris Design Week exhibition held at Galerie Bonaparte. Designed by Buzao for the Savannah Bay Gallery, the Halo lamp (angelic references emerge once more) is signed and part of a space curated by decorator Rinck and fashion and design curator Julia Van Hagen. The exhibition can be visited virtually here

15. Work Extruded table by Ben Gorham for La Manufacture

Photography courtesy of La Manufacture.

With a flexible, modern workplace in mind, Ben Gorham’s extruded aluminum Work Extruded table for La Manufacture is conceived to rapidly transform—as tops of different material and size can be easily swapped. 

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