July 20, 2017

16 Unique Fabrics & Wall Coverings

Unique patterns and designs on quality fabrics and wall coverings.

Harmony in Motion by Mac Stopa for A.S. Création.

1. Designer: Mac Stopa for A.S. Création.

Product: Harmony in Motion.

Standout: Honeycomb, mesh, and bubble patterns are digitally printed on vinyl wall coverings in a futuristic range of neon colors. 

Cozy by David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff.

2. Designer: David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff.

Product: Cozy.

Standout: Wool and polyester combine in plush woven wall coverings, alternately playful and sophisticated—and sound-absorbent to boot. 

Balance by Mae Engelgeer for Wolf-Gordon.

3. Designer: Mae Engelgeer for Wolf-Gordon.

Product: Balance.

Standout: At once irregular and symmetrical, repetitive geometries of varying scale are digitally printed on Mylar wall coverings reminiscent of Dutch modernism.

Kodiak by Lori Weitzner of Weitzner Limited.

4. Designer: Lori Weitzner of Weitzner Limited.

Product: Kodiak.

Standout: This super-textural component of the new Contesseration wall covering series may simulate tesserae, but it’s actually composed of recycled magazine scraps.

Segmented Stipe by Paul Sith for Maharam.

5. Designer: Paul Smith for Maharam.

Product: Segmented Stripe.

Standout: The classic pinstripe is disrupted with slightly raised, irregular segments of brilliant color in a blend of nylon, wool, and recycled polyester. 

Desert Storm by Philip Gorrivan for Holland & Sherry.

6. Designer: Philip Gorrivan for Holland & Sherry.

Product: Desert Storm.

Standout: Classic camouflage comes out of hiding in a group of stylized variants rendered in hand-screened wallpaper. 

Mid-Century by Richard Smith for Jim Thompson.

7. Designer: Richard Smith for Jim Thompson.

Product: Mid-Century.

Standout: The abstract expressionist movement’s unbridled use of color is replicated in this graphic linen for the No.9 Thompson brand.

Aviator by Nancy Epstein of Artistic Tile.

8. Designer: Nancy Epstein of Artistic Tile.

Product: Aviator.

Standout: Channeling the industrial spirit of the early 1900s, these limestone tiles are inlaid with metal in configurations that resemble riveted fuselage fragments.  

Fresh Air by Holly Hunt of Holly Hunt Enterprises.

 9. Designer: Holly Hunt of Holly Hunt Enterprises.

Product: Fresh Air.

Standout: Bleach-cleanable and colorfast fabrics—in combinations of polyester, PVC, and Sunbrella—are the perfect accompaniment for the tastemaker’s new outdoor furniture.

Africa by Jiun Ho for Maria Flora.

10. Designer: Jiun Ho for Maria Flora.

Product: Africa.

Standout: As the first outside designer to collaborate with the Italian brand, the world traveler draws inspiration from African landscapes for five indoor/outdoor acrylics. 

Sumie by Maki Yamamoto of Maki Yamamoto Textiles.

11. Designer: Maki Yamamoto of Maki Yamamoto Textiles.

Product: Sumie.

Standout: Inspired by Japanese ink painting, the designer’s first line of prints encompasses playful graphics silk-screened on linen. 

Use Your Illusion II by Khalil Jamal for Rollout.

12. Designer: Khalil Jamal for Rollout.

Product: Use Your Illusion II.

Standout: Mind-bending moirés and mod Pucci swirls inform these large-scale psychedelic patterns, which are digitally printed on vinyl or Terralon. 

Currents by Anna Redmond for Abnormals Anonymous.

13. Designer: Anna Redmond for Abnormals Anonymous.

Product: Currents.

Standout: Landscapes, seascapes, and the dynamism of winged flight leave a lively mark on the textile designer’s clay-coated wallpapers.

Casa del Cielo by Sandra Jordan of Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca.

14. Designer: Sandra Jordan of Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca.

Product: Casa del Cielo.

Standout: Alpaca mingles with merino wool, silk, and cotton in patterns evoking the sky, sea, and terrain of the Peruvian Andes.

Ode to Eau by Randall Buck and Jee Levin of Trove.

15. Designer: Randall Buck and Jee Levin of Trove.

Product: Ode to Eau.

Standout: The partners pay homage to water, literally and figuratively, as water-based inks on wax-coated wallpaper mimic currents, streams, and tides.

Coco by Nicolette Mayer for Stark.

16. Designer: Nicolette Mayer for Scalamandre.

Product: Coco.

Standout: Memories of her grandmother’s Chanel tweeds prompted the designer to replicate the multicolored bouclé texture in paper-backed grasscloth wall coverings.

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