August 1, 2016

17 Recent Building Products Introductions

From bamboo wall panels and laminated porcelain tiles to architectural glass, here are 17 recent product introductions in the building products category. Clean, modern lines pair with something decidedly earthier in the lustrous Scottsdale Royale line of sand-casted bronze cabinet pulls. They, like all of Hardware Renaissance’s products, are hand-finished to bestow a patinated appeal. Offered in Dot and Square patterns, Skyline Design’s Glass Gradients is etched and printed in varying degrees of intensity and opacity; layer the designs for increased privacy…or pow. Though it resembles solid timber, Plank from Baux is actually an amalgam of salvaged wood chips, cement, and water: a material with excellent noise-reducing properties. All products have also been featured in Interior Design‘s recent Spring Market Tabloid.

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