February 8, 2012

2012 Top 100 Giants: Who Ranks Highest in Each Market?


We now know a firm’s overall rank in our 2012 Top 100 Giants list, but do you know how that same firm ranks by market segment? Below, is our list of who ranks highest in a breakout by segment. (To see the full Top Ten list by market, click on the link provided in the chart.)

 #1 Ranked Firms by Market Segment      
Market Segment
Design Fees
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Office Gensler $199,000,000 Top 10 in Office
Hospitality HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates $80,478,000 Top 10 in Hospitality
Retail Gensler $39,800,000 Top 10 in Retail
Government Gensler $59,700,000 Top 10 in Government
Healthcare Perkins+Will $38,481,200 Top 10 in Healthcare
Education Gensler $27,860,000 Top 10 in   Education
Residential Marc-Michaels Interior Design $12,555,000 Top 10 in Residential
Cultural Gensler $7,960,000 Top 10 in Cultural
Transportation Gensler $15,920,000 Top 10 in Transporation
Fastest Growing Corgan Associates $21,290,500 Top 10 in Fastest Growing

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