November 24, 2015

24 K&B Products Look to the Future

Straight or curved? Nella Vetrina asks that question with two tubs. The manufacturer’s own design team tackled minimalism straight-on with Kelly. Freestanding or wall-mounted, its rectangular profile, just over 7 feet long, is molded from Mak Mat, a mix of minerals and acrylic. To digitize control in the tub, shower, or sink, consider the Smart Water system from Dornbracht . Using a display pad, soakers can preset temperature and water level, while shower users select personalized settings. For freestanding Vov, meanwhile, Oriano Favaretto drew inspiration from the egg. The shape is carved from a single piece of white Cristalplant, an amalgam of minerals, acrylic, and polyester, that can be varnished black or any color.


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