July 25, 2016

31 Eye-Catching New Flooring Products

From vegetable silk rugs and wool-nylon carpets to glazed porcelain tiles, here are 31 recent product introductions in the flooring category. Dubbed the Artist series, the debut rug collection by interior designer and self-described museum junkie Raji Radhakrishnan lives up to its blue-chip title. The dozen creations, in off-white and black, embody a roster of landmark 20th-century movements, from Russian Constructivism to minimalism. India Mahdavi brings her glamorous sense of style to La Manufacture Cogolin with a collection of hand-loomed wool and cotton kilims in which varying pile heights and an exposed backing create a surprising depth of field. Meanwhile, Karen Michelle Evans created Beauty for Ayka Design using silk yarns twisted with long threads and flat-looped knots, an innovative technique that provides a striking sense of tactility and movement. All products have also been featured in Interior Design’s Spring Market Tabloid.

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