June 7, 2016

32 New Flooring Products with Remarkable Verve

From bamboo silk rugs and porcelain tiles to hand-tufted wool with embedded LEDs, here are 32 recent product introductions in the flooring category. 

The actual event may only come around every summer and winter, but Scott Group Custom Carpet‘s Solstice series of rugs—inspired by Midcentury Scandinavian design—is beautiful year in, year out. 

Meanwhile, Bare floors can make a room look too denuded, but a huge rug can come across as all buttoned up. Cold Picnic’s Private Parts collection provides just the right balance: the area rugs and mats are plush enough to warm cold floors, but what really heats things up is the sassy art.

And, Emma Gardener Design’s Subconscious rug is hand-knotted in Nepal and made of Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. (All products are also featured in Interior Design’s Fall Market Tabloid issue.)

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