February 1, 2017

328-Bulb Lasvit Sculpture Transforms Thailand Auditorium

Prince Mahidol Hall at Mahidol University in Thailand. Photography courtesy of Lasvit.

Czech lighting manufacturer Lasvit has installed a harmonic lighting sculpture, Neurons, inside Prince Mahidol Hall at Thailand’s Mahidol University. The installation is programmed to respond to music played in the 2,000-seat auditorium.

Neurons glimmering in the entry. Photography courtesy of Lasvit.

Neurons consists of 328 handcrafted star-shaped glass components with LED bulbs that are suspended from the lobby’s double-layer roof. A diversity of color sequences, synchronized to music, emanate from the constellation-like array.

The auditorium’s designer, A49 Architects, drew inspiration from organic elements such as human vertebrae and the veins of a leaf, a theme Lasvit enhanced. “The installation’s components resemble neurons that carry our sensory information,” says Jana Ruzickova, a Lasvit designer. “Just as universities are bearing points of enlightenment, a neuron is a carrier of information, thoughts, and light within a human body.”

Neurons consists of 328 star-shaped bulbs. Photography courtesy of Lasvit.
Detail view of the handcrafted glass bulbs. Photography courtesy of Lasvit.
Prince Mahidol Hall, designed by A49 Architects. Photography courtesy of Lasvit.

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