March 13, 2018

4 Global Installations Welcome Human Interplay

1. Firm: Matt and Fiona

Project: Room for Art

Site: London

Standout: Commissioned from the Whitechapel Gallery, students from Lansbury Lawrence Primary School were guided to conceive and build a prototype of their own art classroom, resulting in a canopy of polypropylene and birch plywood.

Firm: Michel de Broin. Project: Dendrites. Site: Montreal. Photography courtesy of the artist.

2. Firm: Michel de Broin

Project: Dendrites

Site: Montreal

Standout: Cor-Ten steel evokes a treelike artistry for the interactive 41-foot-high sculpture, while more practical galvanized steel composes its stairways.

Firm: Tokujin Yoshioka. Project: Prismatic Cloud. Site: Houston. Photography by Peter Molick.

3. Firm: Tokujin Yoshioka

Project: Prismatic Cloud

Site: Houston

Standout: Traversing the lobby of the Allen Center, passersby witness a constellation of twinkles courtesy of 17,700 crisscrossing acrylic rods suspended from stainless-steel cables.

Firms: LandLab and Monk Mackenzie. Project: Light Path. Site: Auckland, New Zealand. Photography by Russ Flatt.

4. Firms: LandLab and Monk Mackenzie

Project: Light Path

Site: Auckland, New Zealand

Standout: Cyclists, skaters, and walkers along the 2,000-foot-long loop play a part in changing the color of its 300 LED poles.

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