February 23, 2015

5 Trendsetting Color Palettes From Lamin-Art

Lamin-Art Solid Colors Collection Dedicated

Lamin-Art’s Solid Colors collection.

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Lamin-Art Debuts Solid Colors in Cool Blues, Lush Grays, Soft Neutrals, Citrus and Agate Hues.

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We really can’t overestimate the powerful effect of design on the end users of commercial spaces. Lamin-Art design director Hans Mutzke sees the soaring lobbies and open public spaces that define retail, hospitality, office and educational projects as a blank canvas for influencing behavior, mood and attitude. “Since the times of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, color was used as a healing power,” Mutzke says.

Mutzke drew on his passion for eclectic patterns and the allure of high fashion to launch the company’s

NEW Solid Colors collection

of 30 decorative laminate options. Five distinct color palettes—

Soft Neutrals, Lush Grays, Cool Blues, Citrus Hues, and Agate hues

—create a balance of soothing and energizing shades.

NEW Solid Colors by Lamin-Art


30 decorative laminate options in all


5 distinct color palettes: Soft Neutrals, Lush Grays, Cool Blues, Citrus Hues, Agate Hues


2 new finishes: Diamond Finish and Vellum Finish


Diamond Finish: A polished, high-gloss finish for a refined, elegant effect


Vellum Finish: A parchment like, matte finish, that is soft to the touch


Perfect for retail, hospitality, corporate, education, and more

Designers can choose from two new finishes. Diamond provides a polished, high-gloss finish for a refined, elegant effect that’s recommended for vertical or low-wear applications and is available in

standard grade (thickness of .039″ / 1 mm).

Vellum resembles parchment with a matte surface that is soft to the touch and is offered in standard grade or vertical grade. Sheets come in 4’x8′ or 4’x10′.

“Color can do so much for a space,” says Mutzke. “It can be the neutral backdrop, the accent that ties a space together, or the burst of energy in an interior. I aimed to capture the essence of each possibility with the colors in this collection.”

And with an emphasis on shade, hue, and light


the collection as a whole helps designers create optimal environments using color.

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or call 800.323.7624.

Laminart Agate Hues Update


Laminart Citrus Hues


Laminart Soft Neutrals

Soft Neutrals.

Laminart Lush Grays

Lush Grays.

Laminart Cool Blues

Cool Blues.

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