January 8, 2018

4 Truly Modern Bathtubs

The spa bathroom is here to stay. According to a 2016 Houzz report on master bathroom remodeling, homeowners who decide to renovate gravitate towards luxurious features and materials. Overall, 81% of remodelers indicated that having a stylish and beautiful bathroom was their main motivation for remodeling. One way this trend manifests is in the resurgent popularity of the freestanding bathtub. People looking to bring a truly relaxing atmosphere to their bathrooms are choosing high-design tubs with high-tech features like built-in lighting or increased size.

Aquatica Plumbing Group, a bathroom-ware design house based in the U.S., Canada, and Italy, is a leader in the luxury tub market, stressing R&D in product development and marketing on a global scale. Aquatica has introduced four new tubs that are intended to transform the bathroom from a place of utility to a haven of relaxation and self-indulgence.

Aquatica’s True Ofuro blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary technological advances. Photo courtesy of Aquatica. 

The True Ofuro

“The vision for the Ofuro was to blend traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern technology,” says Joseph Burnstein, managing director at Aquatica. Taking cues from oidaki, bathtub heating devices, the True Ofuro with Tranquility system recirculates water through an integrated heater via an ultra-quiet pump to keep the bath at a constant, comfortable temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This eliminates the need to constantly refill the tub with hot water, saving water and electricity. The True Ofuro Tranquility is available in US110V, US240V, and International 220V/50Hz versions, and also features ozone disinfection, a Bluetooth audio system, and underwater lighting—all in the same small footprint of a traditional Japanese ofuro, an ultra-deep tub for individual bathers.


The Purescape 171 is the deepest and roomiest conventional soaker tub on the market. Photo courtesy of Aquatica. 

The Purescape 171 

Designed as the successor to Aquatica’s Purescape 170, the 171 version comes in AquateX, Aquatica’s solid-surface material made of bauxite-derived aluminum minerals and high-quality acrylic resins. AquateX is safe, easy to clean, and 100% recyclable, and the Graphite Black finish provides a nuanced tone and velvety texture. “This surface is incredibly durable and beautiful,” says Burnstein. “The smooth matte looks sophisticated, and resists fingerprints for a flawlessly elegant look.” Drawing inspiration from antique slipper tubs, the Purescape 171 features clean lines and contemporary styling for a bold look that stands out in a bathroom.

The Coletta tub is designed specifically with reduced mobility bathers in mind. Photo courtesy of Aquatica. 

The Coletta

Everyone enjoys a good bath, but exiting a tub can be tricky and even dangerous. Aquatica designed the Colleta with this in mind. The low-step and low-profile walls, paired with a super soft and warm-to-the-touch AquateX-sandstone surface, give this accommodating bathtub a feeling of both luxury and practicality. The Coletta can easily accommodate up to two bathers, is ideal for taking bath while lying down, and is available in white, graphite black, concrete, and sandstone finishes.

The Emmanuelle 2 features advanced electronic heating and air massage capabilities for true spa-like bathroom experience. Photo courtesy of Aquatica. 

The Emmanuelle 2 

“We were inspired by Victorian freestanding tubs, but have softened that look even further with simple, clean lines and an oblong shape,” says Burnstein. “The extreme depth of the product is also unique to our portfolio.” The Emmanuelle is ideal for a one-person bathing experience, with an emphasis on supportive design for the body built into its shape. The tub also features optional electronic heating and air massage technology for a luxury spa experience at home.  

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