November 21, 2016

400 Glass Spheres Enliven Sacramento Lobby

“Multitudes Converge,” a sculpture by Bryan Valenzuela, is suspended over the main escalator well at Golden1 Center in Sacramento. Photography by David Wakely.

Artist Bryan Valenzuela has installed a suspended glass sculpture at the AECOM-designed Golden1 Center in Sacramento. The sculpture, called “Multitudes Converge,” features 400 glass spheres suspended above the lobby on steel cables. The hand-blown spheres, cast in green, blue, and violet hues that mingle with metallic gold, symbolize the convergence of Sacramento’s two major rivers near downtown.

View of the sculpture from Golden1 Center’s mezzanine. Photography by David Wakely.

Valenzuela collaborated with Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture as the installation’s consulting architect. Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers designed a support structure to prevent collisions during a seismic event. “Our collaboration combined ideas brainstormed with Dreyfuss + Blackford to realize the most stable and safest way to hang a puzzle of glass, steel, and cable of this scale,” Valenzuela says.

The sculpture contains 400 glass spheres. Photography by David Wakely.

The sculpture is one of several public artworks installed in the Golden1 Center, all commissioned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

View of the sculpture from Golden1 Center’s Sky Club Lounge. Photography by David Wakely.


Detail of the hand-blown glass spheres. Photography by David Wakely.

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