April 10, 2017

46 Standout Projects Capture a Decade of Design Excellence

“Racing, running, go-go-go. That’s how we operate in today’s mad rush. But, periodically, it’s key to reflect. In looking back, we pave the way forward. That’s why Interior Design published the hardcover Decade of Design: The Best Projects and Products From the Past 10 Years. And that’s why we’re excerpting it as part of this anniversary issue—focusing on projects and products that not only appeared in the book but also won Best of Year Awards from the magazine. Among those winners, we furthermore call out the Best in 10 citations from BoY’s first decade: standout achievements that have continued to shine and to influence others. The selections, taken as a whole, offer a chronological window on design. They allow us to celebrate international firms’ superlative work, take stock of where the profession has been, and forecast where we’re headed. We trust you’ll find it inspirational. I know I do.”—Cindy Allen

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