April 10, 2017

5 Crystalline Moser Pieces by a Diverse Group of Designers

The venerable Moser celebrates its Bohemian crystal with pieces by designers young and old.

Carnegia pendant fixtures by Filip Houdek. Photography courtesy of Moser.

1. Designer: Filip Houdek.

Product: Carnegia.

Standout: Hand-cut pendant fixtures were inspired by the ribbed surface of the cactus, but the HG Atelier head designer swapped the spikes for a high-glass polish.

Melody vase by David Suchopárek and Ingrid Racková. Photography courtesy of Moser.

2. Designers: David Suchopárek and Ingrid Racková.

Product: Melody.

Standout: Studio IRDS‘s rainbow of tinted chambers for flower stems rises amid a rhythm of clear channels.

Tangram bowl by Jan Ctvrtník. Photography courtesy of Moser.

3. Designer: Jan Ctvrtník.

Product: Tangram.

Standout: The classic triangle puzzle assembles itself into a shallow bowl composed of peaks sporting a gradient effect.

Object vases by Vladimír Jelínek. Photography courtesy of Moser.

4. Designer: Vladimír Jelínek.

Product: Object.

Standout: Designed in 1969 by the now 83-year-old painter, graphic designer, and glass artist, these vases with hearts like gemstones are being reintroduced.

Colourful mouth-blown vases by Lukás Jabûrek. Photography courtesy of Moser.

5. Designer: Lukás Jabûrek.

Product: Colourful.

Standout: The company’s art director get hands-on with mouth-blown vases enlivened by painterly daubs of enamel.

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