September 11, 2017

5 Design Trends Inform Wilsonart’s Latest Laminate Collection

When Wilsonart started developing a palette for their fall collection, the manufacturer drew inspiration from five trends. These themes—authentic, craft, innovation, personalization, and revival—led to the development of two innovative finishes and 11 new commercial wallboard designs that are making their way to architecture and design firm libraries now. “The new designs and finishes foster greater connections to the elements fueling today’s market trends,” says Sally Chavez, senior designer at Wilsonart. “This idea of connections being at the basis of good design allows us to create a palette that is simultaneously cohesive and distinctive.” Explore the new laminates below.

Authenticity is the beauty found in style and shape without excessive ornamentation.

Wilsonart’s new Cement laminate, a textured solid mid-tone cool gray in an antique finish indicative of an aged stone or an antique metal, embodies this simplicity.

Revival connects past to future, propelling styles, materials, and colors in unpredictable and exciting ways. Two new Wilsonart woodgrain laminates celebrate this trend.

Fisher Oak is a classic aged-oak design with detailed graining and features that highlight the embossed and Aligned Texture.

Inspired by the Prairie style, the coffee-colored Stickley Oak also sports Aligned Texture.

Connecting manufacturers to consumers, personalization mixes colors, materials, and other elements to express individuality. Wilsonart’s new abstract monochromatic designs pave the way to personalization by fusing pattern and texture to take on an entirely new appearance.

Finished in Wilsonart’s new innovative Leno Weave texture, Battleship is a cool steel gray abstract in a soft crossweave pattern.

Craftsmanship embraces connections, celebrating fleeting moments such as a uniquely built item or a life-changing experience.

Craftsmanship comes alive in Planked California Walnut (top) and Antique Marula Pine.

Innovation focuses on new and inventive opportunities. At the forefront of this trend, Wilsonart’s Traceless™ Laminate connects color and materials in creative combinations and features state-of-the-art fingerprint resistant technology.

Innovation comes alive in matte designs such as Charcoal Velvet.

Discover more laminate designs by Wilsonart.

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