December 8, 2014

5 New Exhibitions Extend the Miami Magic

Andra Ursuta Softpower Install CP Installation view of Andra Ursuta’s Soft Power. Photo by Uli Holz.

Yes, the season’s dozens of art fairs in Miami have packed up their many wares. But the city still has a raft of art options, since the local museums and private collections time their big exhibitions to open with fair week and generally keep them on view for months.

The granddaddy of the area’s private collections (and one of the country’s biggest and best, period) is Rubell Family Collection . Founders Don and Mera Rubell, who now collect with their children, Jason and Jennifer, are celebrating with the show “To Have and To Hold: 50 Years of Marriage and Collecting Contemporary Art.” What’s remarkable is the prescience of the couple, who saw the talent in artists like Cindy Sherman, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Richard Prince before most others.

“I think it’s going to show a commitment to a lot of young, early work of great artists, and there are some directions the collection went that people don’t know about,” says Jason Rubell, a hotel executive. He helped organize six solo shows of contemporary artists on the foundation’s ground floor that also shouldn’t be missed.

And, of course, architecture and design fans are flocking to “One Way: Peter Marino,” at the Bass Museum of Art . More than just a show of the celebrated architect’s own designs, it’s a look Marino’s much vaunted sense of personal style and sensibility, including artworks he has commissioned.

Peter Marino Bass Museum Image 8 From Peter Marino’s collection: Ronnie Cutrone, Leather Biker Jacket, 2010; Lee Quinones, Leather Biker Jacket, 2010; Nate Lowman, Leather Biker Jacket, 2010. Courtesy Of The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.

The year-old Perez Art Museum Miami has five exhibitions at present, the most important being “Beatriz Milhazes: Jardim Botanico,” the first U.S. retrospective of the Brazilian artist, known for her beguiling patterned abstractions.

At the brand-new Institute of Contemporary Art Miami , now in temporary digs in the Design District, you can check out Pedro Reyes’s “Sanatorium,” an elaborate, participatory installation where visitors check into a clinic of sorts. On view at the same time are new and recent works by the New York-based artist Andra Ursuta,

Round it all off with a trip to to the Wolfsonian-Florida International University , the quirky and cherished museum with a specialty in propaganda, posters and other unusual byways of design history. “Myth and Machine: The First World War in Visual Culture” will give you a substantial and surprising note to end on.

Peter Marino Bass Museum Image 1 Artwork appearing in Orphische Schatten, 2014. Rendering courtesy of Peter Marino Architect.


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