April 23, 2018

5 Young Designer Highlights from SaloneSatellite 2018

Flexibility and unexplored categories have fresh new talent inspired, Salone Internazionale del Mobile’s SaloneSatellite proves. This year, the ninth edition of the international young designer exhibition focusing on new prototypes for the home and office featured 650 designers under 35. From a kitchen with just seven parts to a portable stackable bed to lines dedicated to the emotional needs of cats and children, here are five of our favorite finds.

1. Cucina Leggera by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos

Cucina Leggera by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos. Photography courtesy of Stefano Carta Vasconcellos.

The first-prize winner of the prestigious SaloneSatellite Award 2018, Cucina Leggera (Light Kitchen) by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos has a mere seven parts that can be assembled glue- and screw-free—thanks to an ingenious joint system.

2. Me & Meow Collection by But Yet

Me & Meow Collection by But Yet. Photography courtesy of But Yet.

The Me & Meow furniture collection by But Yet assumes a cat is in your life, with nooks and crannies appealing to both the human eye and the feline pet’s instinct to play and hide.

3. Rehome

Rehome. Photography courtesy of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design.

With a cot that grows with a child, a stackable bed, space dividers, and a dining set among the quickly assembled, sustainable, and affordable items, the Rehome furniture collection by 10 students from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design meets temporary housing needs, from emergency structures to festivals.

4. Mia Chair by Tink Things

Mia Chair by Tink Things. Photography courtesy of Tink Things.

Furnishings abound to meet the physical demands of a child—but what about emotional needs? Tink Things by Benussi&theFish is a line of furniture for children that keeps “sensory intelligence” in mind. The Mia chair, for example, has a non-fixed fabric seat that allows gentle rocking and can be pulled up over the head for cocoon-like isolation.

5. Soffio by Claudio Gatto

Soffio by Claudio Gatto. Photography courtesy of Claudio Gatto.

Drawing technical know-how from inflatable standup paddleboards, the durable PVC and nylon wire Soffio inflatable furniture collection by Claudio Gatto consists of a table and two stools—weighing a total of 23 pounds—that can be transported in two backpacks.

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