November 16, 2015

6 Boundary-Pushing Wire Form Furnishings

The sun shines through barely-there wire furnishings—and that’s the beauty of this simple form. Embracing without obscuring, minimalistic yet incredibly strong and durable, wire is a designer’s dream. So why not push the boundaries?

The designers of the six innovative wire form furnishings here have done just that, with show-stopping products including a lighting family customizable to be both two- and three-dimensional, a chair with a throne-like base, a room divider based on the idea of a soothing forest refuge, a pendant recalling a suspended butterfly chrysalis, and more.

1. Wireflow pendant light by Vibia

Black-lacquered electrical wire forms the floating abstract geometry of the Wireflow family by Arik Levy . Customizable in both size and shape, the pendant light can be both a two- and a three-dimensional chandelier, illuminating from pressed glass LED terminals.

2. Tonella chair by Sancal

Hailed as a mini-armchair, Tonella by Note Design Studio is just 24 inches wide and 28 inches tall. Gilded pillars of bronze- or pearlized white-lacquered steel tubing—a nod to wine barrels common in southern Spain—sweep down to form the chair’s thronelike base, while the back and arms of the Marie Antoinette-style seat are flexible molded polyurethane foam.

3. Woodland room divider by Seletti

Exploring the concept of a forest as a refuge, metal screen Woodland by Alessandra Baldereschi creates a private alcove. Recalling trees, the 100-inch-high by 70-inch-wide panels can be positioned to overlap, in various colors.

4. Tull lamp by Incipitlab

A striking birdcagelike form defines Tommaso Caldera ‘s Tull lamp, launched in 2014 with cheery bold color options of its steel frame including orange/beige, turquoise/orange, anthracite/turquoise. This year, Tull grows up, with two more subdued metal finishes—copper/white and nickel/black. It’s offered in pendant and floor/table versions.

5. Spokes by Foscarini

Ancient oriental lanterns, the spokes of a bicycle wheel, and the rays of the sun influenced the form of the Spokes pendant lamp by Garcia Cumini . The steel and aluminum frame comes in two sizes, in white or yellow varnish. A tiny recess conceals the LED bulb.

6. Suspension Papillon by Forestier

Three tiers of lacquered steel mesh drop down to weld the Suspension Papillon pendant light by Elise Fouin . Recalling a suspended butterfly chrysalis in the act of unfolding, it’s available in black, blue-grey, white, and lime green/blue-grey/white.

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