February 29, 2016

6 Newcomers to the Materials Library Show a Flair for Performance

From pineapple fiber to polyurethane foam, newcomers to the materials library show a flair for performance.

1. Material: Braid T-2184 from Naturtex
Composition: Polyester.
Usage: A specially adapted loom twists and braids multicolored cords, resulting in indoor-outdoor textiles that resist abrasion and UV rays.

2. Material: Microencapsulation from Smart Essences
Composition: Polymers.
Usage: Tiny shells, contained in spray-on finishes, gradually release various scents through friction, for example when walking on artificial turf.

3. Material: Object 2.1 Punn from OUK Studio Co
Composition: Pineapple fiber.
Usage: In Thailand, agricultural waste is hand-rolled into moisture-absorbent paper disks suitable for use as coasters, place mats, and trivets.

4. Material: Mesh from Shaoxing Weiya Trading Company
Composition: Polyester.
Usage: Customizable colored PET plastic filaments are woven into fabrics that are lightweight and durable, offering high elasticity and flexibility.

5. Material: DryFlex from Pelma
Composition: Polyurethane.
Usage: Unlike conventional foams, this hydrophobic variant repels water while remaining flexible, breathable, hygienic, and completely recyclable.

6. Material: Fluid Cell Hydroforming from Triform Sheet Hydroforming
Composition: Mineral oil.
Usage: High-pressure hydraulic fluid presses thin metal sheets into 3-D forms that display crisper definition and less wrinkling, reducing the need for manual finishing.

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