October 4, 2017

7 Eye-Catching Patterned Rugs

With these rugs and carpets, too much is never enough.

1. Vertex Medium Field carpet in nylon by Milliken & Company.
2. Aubusson H #18 rug in handwoven wool and Tencel by J.D. Staron.
3. Diagonal Gradient broadloom in nylon by Moooi.
4. Skyfall III rug in hand-tufted silk-wool blend by Tai Ping.
5. Sze 04/10/13 rugs in Tibetan wool, nettle, and bamboo by Inigo Elizalde Rugs.
6. Chess rug in silk-wool blend by Stepevi.
7. Remolino 2 rug in PVC by Nexo Interiores.

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