September 29, 2016

7 Innovative Woven Materials in the Material ConneXion Library

Weaves from around the globe bring intrigue to the materials library.

1. Material: Washi Paper from Naganaru Specialty Papers.
Composition: Plant fibers.
Standout A screen is dipped into pulp to produce paper which is then coated in another pulp layer to create lace in an irregular pattern that produces the illusion of air permeating the fibers.

2. Material: Knitted Mesh Natural from KnitMesh Technologies.
Composition: Metal and polymer.
Standout: Filaments of varying widths, from superfine to ultra-course, are woven into strong, flexible mesh that resists corrosion and extreme temperatures.

3. Material: Luna from Leatherworks.
Composition: Leather and metallic foil.
Standout: Combined to simulate a multilayered surface, the materials create a composite that can still be cut, stitched, and manipulated like ordinary leather.

4. Material: Mimma from Euromaglia.
Composition: Casein milk protein.
Standout: Yarns are woven into lightweight, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking fabrics that offer both the feel of wool and the look of silk.

5. Material: Basalt Warp Knit from Swisstulle.
Composition: Basalt.
Standout: Formulated from volcanic rock, this textile is nonflammable and heat-resistant and furthermore defies fraying and unraveling.

6. Material: Luminous Tex from Sensing Tex.
Composition: Plastic.
Standout: Optical fibers, threaded through fabric and connected to a light source, can distribute illumination evenly across the entire surface of the textile.

7. Material: Music Cloth from Rehyphen.
Composition: Metallic-coated polyester.
Standout: Obsolete cassettes are disassembled for their tapes, which are then woven by Nepalese artisans into basket-weave fabrics.

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