June 3, 2016

7 New Standout Products from the MCX Library

The library’s latest materials have definitely earned their diplomas.

1. Material: Bloom from Algix.
Composition: Algae biomass.
Standout: Dried growths transform into flex-ible closed-cell foam, its high protein content producing a polymerlike resistance to heat, tearing, and pressure.

2. Material: OriMetric from Trex Labs.
Composition: Polyurethane.
Standout: A thermoplastic elastomer is molded into translucent thin sheets ready for customization with a range of tactile geometric patterns.

3. Material: Velvet Infused from Tactility Factory.
Composition: Glass-reinforced concrete and polyester-viscose.
Standout: Panels are embedded with a velvet fabric that can be dyed to match specific colors or customized with stitching.

4. Process: Ombrae from Quin Media Arts and Sciences.
Composition: Solids including metal, concrete, glass, and plastic.
Standout: Structural imaging technology allows complex designs to appear beneath the surface of an almost limitless variety of panels.

5. Material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA from ProtoPlant.
Composition: Polylactic acid resin.
Standout: Suitable for extrusion 3-D printers, the filament is compounded with chopped carbon fiber that boosts rigidity and strength and resists warping.

6. Process: Inlaid Fantasies from Studio Andreea Mandrescu.
Composition: Rubber.
Standout: Similar to flock printing, the elastic ground can be inlaid with leather, veneers, or fabric to create dimensional designs in any color or thickness.

7. Material: Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber from Corning.
Composition: Glass.
Standout: The laser-diode source is diffused uniformly around the circumference and through the length of thin optical fiber, so the glow is uniform from all angles.

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