October 5, 2017

8 Boy’s Club Interiors

Masculine style stays in shape.

1. Gradient and Grade customizable Type II vinyl wall coverings by Source One.
2. Mid Century foil and vinyl wall covering printed with opaque, transparent, and pearlescent inks on a nonwoven backing by York Wallcoverings.
3. Thom Filicia’s Madagascar Type II vinyl wall covering with nonwoven or fabric backing by MDC.
4. Mitzi Mills and Sarah Tofan’s Thirty Under Thirty collection in stain- and moisture-resistant polyester and recycled cotton by Anzea Textiles.
5. Kasbah linen by de Le Cuona.
6. Lift nylon-cotton blend by CF Stinson.
7. Lavish and Lyrical polyesters by Coral Fabrics.
8. Linen Tape trim in handwoven European linen by Stephanie Seal Brown.

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