April 21, 2017

8 Innovative Designs at WantedDesign 2017

Coveted innovations abound at the show’s Manhattan and Brooklyn outposts.

Hors Série tables in aluminum by Hors Pistes.

Large Voltasol, Green Dot, Mini Voltasol, and Medium Voltasol flower pots in terra-cotta by Livingthings.

Pulplites pendant fixtures in porcelain and recycled paper by Dear Human.

Lens pendant fixtures in powder-coated aluminum by Fabbian.

Buoy candleholders in mouth-blown glass by Khalil Jamal.

Objeto Brasil Association’s Pouf with eucalyptus legs by Araci Pinheiro.

Moonscapes nylon broadloom by Mohawk Group.

Could Shade pendant fixture in polyester by Richard Clarkson Studio.

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