August 9, 2018

8 Must-Have Office Furnishings

1. Justin Champaign of Most Modest for JSI

Product: Indie

Standout: Conceived for public spaces but residential in style—note the plush upholstery and finely crafted exposed-wood frame—the inviting lounge encourages a relaxed sit.

2. Roberto Lucci for Versteel

Product: OH!

Standout: Designed to accommodate varied postures, the modular collection’s succinct kit of parts— circular seat (with optional ergonomic back), polished cast-aluminum leg and connector—nets infinite configurations.

3. Brandon Walker of Stylex

Product: Cove

Standout:The statement lounge’s laid-back design, cushioned with polyurethane foam, supports workers sitting upright or at ease—with ample room for a laptop or files, too.

4. Paolo Orlandini and Folco Orlandini for National Office Furniture

Product: Marcelo

Standout: Orlandini Designs’ urbane haven features contoured cushions and a cradling back design; the welded-metal frame, padded with high-grade polyurethane foam, gangs via a tool-free mechanism.

5. Wolfgang C.R. Mezger for Wilkhahn

Product: Aula

Standout:Nearly 50 combos of this lightweight, ergonomic stacker are on offer: optional armrests, six colors of glass-fiber-reinforced Ultramid, four types of upholstery (or none), and accessories including fold-up writing tablets and inline connectors.

6. David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio for Tuohy

Product: Domino

Standout: Providing a spot for a computer (or perching), the lounge’s low, wide arms can be fitted with an optional power/data module and placed at the ends, at set intervals, or along a run.

7. Anastasia Su and Martin Lesjak of 13&9 for BuzziSpace

Product: BuzziBalance High

Standout: A new version of the rocking pouf boasts an ash base and taller seat (upholstered in BuzziFabric) that can pull up to a workstation for improved balance and posture.

8. Carl Gustav Magnusson for Allseating

Product: Lyss

Standout: Ergonomically forward and accessibly priced, the chair’s white polypropylene shell—with wood or aluminum base—sports a curved cutout and choice of smoky-gray interior.

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