June 15, 2016

8 New Kitchen and Bath Products that Make a Statement

1. ManufacturerDuravit.
ProductPaiova 5.
DesignersMartin Bergmann, Harald Gründl, and Gernot Bohmann. 
Standout: The EOOS founders’ tub, once limited to corner installations, has spawned a freestanding version that affords ultimate flexibility.

2. ManufacturerFantini.
DesignersMatteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.
Standout: A fusion of squared-off forms and rounded edges draws inspiration from the super-ellipses of mathematician Gabriel Lamé.

3. Manufacturer: Ann Sacks.
DesignerKelly Wearstler.
Standout: Screen-printed and hand-painted ceramic tiles offer abstract evocations of work by favorite artists and architects.

4. Manufacturer: ContemporaryLab.
ProductPlus Espresso.
DesignerYa’ara Landau-Katz.
Standout: The One and Many’s founder gave her slip-cast ceramic cups a surprising base, revealed when hoisted for that last jolt of caffeine.

5. ManufacturerBosa.
DesignerJaime Hayon.
Standout: The mirror has more than two faces—at least when it reflects patterns hand-painted on this stoneware by Hayon Studio.

6. ManufacturerKallista.
DesignerMick De Giulio.
Standout: This sink’s hand-hammered stainless steel creates a rippling effect, further magnified when the water flows in.

7. Manufacturer: Benchmark Furniture.
DesignerMax Lamb.
Standout: An artfully minimalist Douglas fir unit is nonetheless capable of handling maximum amounts of kitchen and bathroom essentials.

8. ManufacturerValcucine.
ProductForma Mentis.
DesignerGabriele Centazzo.
Standout: Diverse elements and mixed materials allow a modular system to adapt to practically any user’s needs and aesthetic.

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