September 25, 2017

8 New Lighting Products

Anthony Dickens for Santa & Cole

Tekio by Anthony Dickens for Santa & Cole.

Product: Tekio.

Standout: Based on traditional Japanese lanterns, modules in washi paper can combine in various con- figurations to function as sconces or pendant fixtures.

Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen for FontanaArte

Heliacal by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen for FontanaArte.

Product: Heliacal.

Standout: Eclipses inspired Os & Oos to give this floor lamp glass-disk diffusers that rotate either to block light or to allow it to shine through. 

Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren for Zero

Mist by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren for Zero.

Product: Mist.

Standout: The ephemeral effect of a pendant fixture by Front Design derives from an LED source doubly diffused, first by an interior acrylic globe, then by a glass dome. 

Christophe Mathieu for Marset

Bicoca by Christophe Mathieu for Marset.

Product: Bicoca.

Standout: A portable, dimmable table lamp with USB re-chargeability can attach to a metal surface, thanks to the magnetized polycarbonate base. 

Nika Zupanc for Contardi Lighting

Crystal by Nika Zupanc for Contardi Lighting.

Product: Crystal.

Standout: Channeling old-school Hollywood glamour, an LED table lamp boasts a crystal diffuser and a nickel or brass finish on the iron armature. 

Julia Jessen of Schneid

Junit by Julia Jessen for Schneid.

Product: Junit.

Standout: Painted ash elements, milky glass globes, and eight cord colors yield endless combinations in addition to standard versions. Through Stillfried Wien.

Oki Sato for Flos

Sawaru by Oki Sato for Flos.

Product: Sawaru.

Standout: Nendo’s founder goes interactive with a cylindrical lamp—make it shine higher or lower by inserting a pin in the base or removing the base entirely. 

Lucie Koldova of Brokis

Macaron by Lucia Koldova of Brokis.

Product: Macaron.

Standout: Like a sweet filling in a pastry, an onyx plate is sandwiched between these table lamps’ colored or colorless handblown glass tops and bottoms. 

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