February 28, 2017

8 New Materials in the Material ConneXion Library

We’d like to introduce the materials library’s newest members…

Compression Molded PU from Ram Technologies. Photography by Graham Friedman.

1. Material: Compression Molded PU from Ram Technologies.

Composition: Polyurethane-coated polyester-spandex.

Standout: Once sewed into place, the pads can resist abrasion and endure severe impact, making them appropriate for recreational, health-care, or industrial applications.

Composite Panels from Buxkin. Photography by Graham Friedman.

Material: Composite Panels from Buxkin.

Composition: Recycled shoe leather and wool felt.

Standout: Bonded into ribbed wall covering or carpet, strips in three shades of leather and 47 colors of felt absorb noise and glare while resisting wear and stains.

LED Matrix Boards from AgIC. Photography by Graham Friedman.

Material: LED Matrix Boards from AgIC.

Composition: Polyester.

Standout: Compared to traditional photolithography, designs can be produced more rapidly and inexpensively by LEDs circuit-printed on a flexible and lightweight substrate.

Punched Natural Rubber Sheet from Look Yang Design. Photography by Graham Friedman.

4. Material: Punched Natural Rubber Sheet from Look Yang Design.

Composition: Latex.

Standout: Die-cut patterns are boosted by the elasticity of the compressed, molded material, increasing tensile strength and maintaining abrasion resistance and sound absorption.

Tough Flex Resin from Full Spectrum Laser. Photography by Graham Friedman.

5. Material: Tough Flex Resin from Full Spectrum Laser.

Composition: Photopolymer resin.

Standout: Unlike many resins, which are too brittle for 3-D printing, this proprietary formulation remains durable and flexible after compression, springing back into shape.

Polymer Foam from PlusFoam. Photography by Graham Friedman.

6. Material: Polymer Foam from PlusFoam.

Composition: Post-consumer recycled foam.

Standout: Derived primarily from discarded footwear, the reprocessed substance is lightweight, durable, and non-microbial while maintaining flexibility even in extreme cold.

Moon Beam/Moon Light from Bodenner Studio. Photography by Graham Friedman.

7. Material: Moon Beam/Moon Light from Bodenner Studio.

Composition: Linen, polyester, and polyamide.

Standout: Impregnated with glow-in-the-dark dyes, lamé threads illuminate when exposed to light—even just from a phone—then retain their radiance for three hours.

Porcelite from Tethon 3D. Photography by Graham Friedman.

8. Material: Porcelite from Tethon 3D.

Composition: Porcelain resin.

Standout: This UV-curable substance can be used to fabricate 3-D printed molds, which tolerate high-temperature metal castings that are easily removed afterward.

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