August 26, 2016

8 Product Highlights from NeoCon 2016

1. Firm: Keilhauer.
Martin Bergmann, Harald Gründl, and Gernot Bohmann.
Sofas, chairs, benches, and stools by the Eoos partners interface for one-on-one meetings or group powwows.

2. FirmMaharam.
Designer: Hella Jongerius.
Product: Inlay.
Standout: Woven ribbons, traditional in the Netherlands, influenced Jongeriuslab’s spunky gridded composition in cotton-nylon.

3. FirmLuum.
Designer: Suzanne Tick.
Product: Perilune.
Standout: The fiber artist cut up moon-phase calendars to create a lunar pattern, then printed it on polyurethane upholstery fabric.

4. Firm: Herman Miller.
Designers: Kim Colin and Sam Hecht.
Product: Plex.
Standout: Recalling those pillows with armrests, so comfortable for reading in bed, Industrial Facility’s partners applied the idea to office lounge seating.

5. Firm: Davis Furniture.
Designer: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger.
Product: Laura.
Standout: This versatile seating system can be reconfigured in arcs, undulations, and circles in addition to a plain straight line.

6. Firm: Kyle Bunting, also available through Edelman Leather.
Designer: Kyle Bunting.
Product: Aerials.
Standout: Inspired by landscapes seen from the air, each hide is custom-colored, cut, hand-fitted, and mosaic-assembled. 

7. Firm: Vitra International.
Designer: Konstantin Grcic.
Product: Hack.
Standout: The OSB looks rough, but a sophisticated mechanism allows this system to toggle between standing or seated desk and love seat.

8. Firm: OFS Brands.
Designers: Mark Stenftenagel, Rick Joutras, and Tim Buchenberger.
Product: Qove.
Standout: Q Design’s founders integrated power sources, tablet arms, privacy screens, and touchdown stations into this system.

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