July 1, 2016

8 Products that Embrace a Bold Southern Vibe

1. Primal Pottery Project object in glazed clay by Ole Jensen.

2. Chill Out chair in polyurethane foam, neoprene, and Trevira by Adrenalina.

3. Bette Davis Eyes dressing table in painted aluminum by Altreforme.

4. Grapy chairs in polystyrene and cotton by Gandia Blasco.

5. Credenza Blue rug in Himalayan wool and silk by CC-Tapis.

6. Lâcher Prise chaise longue in painted steel, bi-elastic polyester, and wool felt by Campeggi.

7. Ziggy cabinet in lacquered MDF and Brazilian ironwood by AuCap.

8. Psychedelic Cactus in polyurethane foam and Guflac paint by Gufram.

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