October 5, 2017

8 Ways to Bring Spring Inside

A hint of springtime.

1. Cathedral cork-and-paper wall covering by Hartmann & Forbes.
2. Salice vinyl wall covering by Style Library.
3. Artemisia cotton-polyester by Création Baumann.
4. Patina wool-flax blend by Camira Fabrics.
5. Dana Gibson’s Crypton Home DeWolfe, Irwin, and Schnabel rayon-cotton blends and Bhutan polyester by Stroheim.
6. Hanami vinyl wall covering by Versa Wallcovering.
7. Corsica linen, Calima Reversible linen, Tosca linen- wool blend, Malian linen, and Cezanne linen by Mark Alexander.
8. Knowledge acrylic-polyester by Architex.

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