October 5, 2017

9 Jewel-Toned Fabrics and Wallcoverings

Fashionable options, from foil to velvet.

1. Water Ripples polypropylene by Studio Twist.
2. Candy foil-printed polyester fabric in ultraviolet by 4Spaces.
3. Fusion 16 polyester-acrylic by Samelson-Chatelane.
4. Shagreen cotton velvet by Modra Studio.
5. Agatona agate-slab floor, wall, or countertop cladding by Antolini through Studium.
6. Shipibo cotton-linen blend by Beacon Hill.
7. Maroque viscose-cotton with viscose pile in Lazurite by Black Edition.

8. Petra Peharec Guillossou’s Seda silk-cotton blend by Sanabel Decor.
9. Mulliner viscose-cotton blend with viscose pile by Zinc Textile.

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