February 27, 2013

A Haworth Chair—Made of Cake?

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. Photo courtesy Allstate Office Interiors.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro created a life-size cake shaped like an office chair by international furniture manufacturer



Allstate Office Interiors

, a Haworth preferred dealership based in New Jersey, selected the company’s ToDo chair for the season five finale of the

TLC reality show

Cake Boss


“At first, we considered using [Haworth’s] Zody, but the style and shape of an ergonomic task chair doesn’t translate well to the cake-making process,” explains Mickey Spooner, vice president of Allstate Office Interiors.

The cake chair with real feet and handles. Photo courtesy Allstate Office Interiors.

After Valastro baked, constructed and decorated the realistic-looking cake, Haworth provided authentic, inedible arm hardware and feet to complete the illusion.

“The level of detail was incredible,” continues Spooner. “The texture of the chair’s surface was even precisely replicated during the design process.”

Adam Russo, Haworth spokesperson, says, “We receive great feedback from our Haworth team members and customers when our product is featured in film or television. The episode of

Cake Boss

did not disappoint.”

Haworth’s ToDo chair. Photo courtesy Allstate Office Interiors.

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