July 30, 2015

A New Twist: Paul Cocksedge Designs A Living Staircase in London

A protégé of Interior Design Hall of Fame member Ingo Maurer, Paul Cocksedge is known for lighting that pushes the boundaries of material, form, and technology. Moving beyond lamps for an office project, he harnessed light from the sun. London real-estate developer Resolution Property commissioned Paul Cocksedge Studio to create a “living” staircase for Ampersand, a four-story landmark building converted into Grade A offices for the creative class.

Cocksedge’s stair is indeed creative. As it spirals up 40 feet, its twists offer built-in benches, a small library, and a balustrade garden containing six species of plants. There’s even a nod to his mentor: Maurer’s Zettel’z 6 pendant fixture, its paper strips inviting comments from employees as they ascend and descend.

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