October 1, 2020

A Normal Performance Fabric Just Won’t Cut It in the New Normal

For built spaces filled with color or otherwise, Crypton performance fabrics are an aesthetic and practical fit. Photography courtesy of Crypton. 

As people return to the workplace all over the globe, it’s clear that the offices they are going back to will be much different. Beyond the terms of social distancing, the assurances of safety and cleanliness in public spaces is paramount. Built environments must now foster a sense of security through the materials that punctuate the space. When specifying fabric, designers shouldn’t have to choose between luxurious textiles with interesting textures and those that lend themselves to being easily cleaned. One manufacturer continues to change the nature of textile specification with its innovative formulations that enhance the durability and cleanability of stylish fabrics.

No more breakfast blues, anything spilled can be cleaned. Photography courtesy of Crypton. 

“I truly believe we are the fabric solution for this moment,” begins Crypton CEO Lance Keziah, “our barrier fabrics offer a multi-tiered ‘defense’ with a five-year warranty, antimicrobial & stain-resistant technology and an integrated, permanent liquid barrier that is proven to prevent solids and liquids from permeating to the cushion below.” Crypton is the only upholstery textile that can be cleaned and disinfected, as listed by the EPA.

Crypton goes beyond clean with their own fabrics and products that disinfect and deodorize. Photography courtesy of Crypton. 

Crypton’s Disinfectant and Deodorizer treatment spray has also been listed by the EPA as a disinfectant for Crypton Barrier Fabrics and hard surfaces. It is a hospital-grade and protects against SARS-Cov, according to the EPA’s emerging pathogen policy, making it an excellent choice for healthcare design, senior living, and long-term care. Going beyond the status quo of clean, Crypton’s permanent silver-ion technology fends off micro-organisms which safeguards against odor-causing bacteria and prolongs the life of the textiles.  By nature of extending its upholstered furniture’s life, Crypton fabric is a sustainable choice, significantly decreasing the use of raw materials, effluence from factory production and transportation, and landfill waste.

White leather chairs are no longer a liability with Crypton’s protection. Photography courtesy of Crypton. 

The characteristics of Crypton’s performance fabric have not changed for over a decade although the market desire for an aesthetically pleasing yet extremely hygienic textile has grown exponentially within the last six months. With tactile fabric textures like velvet, linen, chenille and boucle, available in rich and lively colorations, Crypton provides a soft place to for designers to land with unlimited yarn options. 

Get a peace of mind instead of panic with safe and clean fabrics. Photography courtesy of Crypton. 

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