November 17, 2015

A Welcoming LVT Palette for Healing Environments

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Sponsored by Gerflor USA

The healthcare aesthetic is no longer ‘hospital white.’ Modern environments emphasize welcoming, healing designs. But as inviting as these new interiors are, maintaining a high level of cleanliness remains paramount.

Designed for high-traffic areas, Creation LVT offers the technical innovation and performance for which Gerflor USA is known. Creation LVT also features a state of the art 28 mil. transparent, satin-finish wear layer for reduced glare and elevated aesthetic quality. The patented Pur+® no-wax, polyurethane surface treatment is stain-resistant and easy to clean and sanitize. Gently beveled edges provide a more realistic look while reducing dirt buildup. And the 100-percent recycled backing provides a stable foundation throughout the life of the product. Creation LVT is also FloorScore™-certified, low VOC, and REACH®-compliant.

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Combining beauty with an easy-cleaning, resilient, antimicrobial surface is the idea behind Gerflor USA ’s unique Creation LVT collection. Creation is the only LVT that is ISO 22196-certified to limit the spread of infections at 99 percent, including MRSA, E. coli and S. aureus .

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“Gerflor’s global design teams worked closely with U.S. architects and designers to develop the range of designs offered in the Creation LVT collection,” said Marketing Director Catherine Del Vecchio.

The Creation LVT collection features the latest high-definition printing technology on tear-resistant film and contains minimal repeat patterns, resulting in the most realistic flooring designs, including 38 woods, 16 stones and 4 textiles.

This easy-to-coordinate collection gives designers the perfect palette to create modern, warm interiors that enhance the healthcare experience for patients and families.

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Creation LVT is also backed by the unique Your Creation. Our Guarantee ? promise. “Designers should be able to specify and purchase LVT with confidence. And so, we will replace Creation LVT flooring, free of charge, if the customer isn’t happy with the look, design or color after installation,” said Benjamin Bachman, CEO of Gerflor USA.

The Creation LVT collection is fully stocked and available in the USA.

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