March 14, 2018

Achille Salvagni Launches London Atelier Into Space

Achille Salvagni transformed his London showroom into a space capsule for “Apollo,” which runs through September 6. Photography by Paolo Petrignani.

Achille Salvagni has his head in the clouds. Or perhaps in the stratosphere. Inspired by the late Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey, Salvagni transformed his eminent London atelier into a retro-futuristic space informed by set designs for “Apollo,” which runs until September 7. “I admire the groundbreaking production design and visionary atmospheres of 1960’s science fiction movies in general,” says Salvagni. “As commercial space tourism takes shape, I created my own interpretation of a space capsule.”

The Spider chandelier presides over the first room, which features two portholes backdropping a European walnut Silk cabinet flanked by Papillia armchairs. Photography by Paolo Petrignani.

Inside, portholes punctuate white-paneled walls, adding new dimension to Salvagni’s classic furnishings. The six-armed Spider chandelier, in white patinated cast bronze and backlit onyx, presides over the gem-like Emerald and Menhir side tables. These display alongside Bubbles sconces, a Pietra coffee table, and Papillia armchairs, all brand-new. Astronomic references pervade each: the Cosmedin side table’s surface recalls the marbled appearance of planets from afar, and Papillia resembles extraterrestrials. “I wanted to imagine a futuristic yet opulent interior with highly crafted pieces and design a personal response to the imminent exploration of this uncharted territory, another marvel soon to be revealed,” says Salvagni. 

Achille Salvagni Atelier is located at 12 Grafton Street in Mayfair, London.

Two marble wall-mounted Lucy Sahara Noir mirrors and a Simposio chandelier in cast bronze with a white patinated finish tie together the rear gallery. Photography by Paolo Petrignani.
Gio Ponti’s velvet-upholstered sofa sits alongside Salvagni’s Hercules floor lamp. Photography by Paolo Petrignani.
The Menhir side table, Tato armchair, and Divo floor lamp arranged near the storefront. Photography by Paolo Petrignani.

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