December 8, 2017

ACO Brings Luxury Design to Linear Drainage

QuARTz linear drainage systems come in both a premium and plus line to match a range of price points. Photography by ACO.

The spa bathroom is all the rage in contemporary home design, and designers know that that perfect look is very much a product of the details. From fixtures to finishes, the subtle things are what make a bathroom luxurious.

ACO’s QuARTz line of linear and point shower drainage options bring that level of sophistication to the market. The brand’s high-end shower drains exemplify art and style, with the same guarantee of quality that comes with ACO’s commercial and industrial systems. “When you purchase a QuARTz drain, you’re getting an American-manufactured product that has been designed to the standards of German engineering,” says Jeremy Brown, QuARTz’s western region product line consultant. “We’re proud to offer the market an artistic product that offers high-quality performance and design.”

QuARTz’s LED lights are rechargeable, lasting four months before needing a boost. Photography by ACO. 

Designers will have a wide variety of options to choose from through QuARTz. The premium line includes seven grate designs in two finishes: stainless steel and oil-rubbed bronze (a silver satin option will arrive in 2018). For an unexpected touch, QuARTz also offers industry-exclusive, water-activated LED lights in green, blue, red, and rainbow options that are inserted into the drain. The product is IAPMO-certified and UPC-approved for top quality assurance. 

Along with its aesthetic appeal, QuARTz is designed to accommodate aging in place. “Homeowners are purchasing their forever home and preemptively remodeling them to anticipate the changes to mobility that come with aging,” Brown explains. “QuARTz products allow for the elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor, like curbs, and the uneven flooring caused by multi-directional slopes, which come with a more traditional point drainage system.” 

The 100% 304 stainless steel finish is pickle-passivated and electro-polished for a high-luster look and maximum hygiene. Photography by ACO.

By designing an attractive product that also incorporates universal design principles, ACO is helping set an industry standard for good design that works for everyone.

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